Call Duck

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    white, pale blue, pale green, very light brown
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    Non Standard Varieties: Gray Pied, Blue Fawn Pied, Pastel Pied, Fawn and White, Penciled, Aluetian, Chocolate Bibbed, Black, Black Bibbed, Blue, Crested(all Varieties), Silkied( All Varieties), Aztec Blue, Blue Snowy, Apricot Silver
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    Bantam Duck
    Calls originated in either Holland or England as live decoy ducks back in the 1600's. Call ducks are no longer used for decoys, and it is illegal to use one as a decoy in Britain. Calls were the only duck bred specifically for their loud voice and extremely small size. They were bred for this unique style so they could be easily tucked into a coat pocket and taken along on hunts. Now one of the most popular breed of waterfowl and also in the top 5 exhibition breeds with the APA/ABA with the 2014 Ohio nationals(ABA 100th anniversary national meet) exhibiting over 1,000 calls total out of over 9,000 birds exhibited.
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    Calls are currently located in the top five exhibition breeds in the United States. Call Ducks are very energetic and loud. They are one of the smallest breeds of duck kept. Call Ducks only weigh around 1.5 lbs and they have very short round bodies, round head with a extremly short and wide bill, and short legs. Calls are found in 20+ different varieties and color patterns. They are one of theless expensive types of waterfowl to raise, but can be a bit challanging when it comes to breeding and raising this unique breed.
    National Call Breeders of America







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  1. AnimalGeek23
    "The CUTEST lil' ducks!"
    Pros - CUTE! Easy to maintain! Small! Affectionate! Curious!
    Cons - Some can be loud...
    Call ducks are just the cutest lil' birdies on the universe!
    My grandmother had a few and they were really friendly and didn't attack, even the drakes. Some females can be loud tho but overall they are the best ducks to have!
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  2. surprisebaby03
    "I loved my call duck"
    Pros - Small , Sweet, Easy to handle , males aren't aggressive
    Cons - Females Loud , and are sometimes independent
    My call duck Cleveland was the most friendly duck I owned. They are small so easy and nice to handle. They can be hard to catch, I really like call ducks they are nice, small and easy. The females are loud the males aren't that load. If you free range they are small so they get picked up a little more. Overall I give a 5 star rating!!! I hoped I helped someone! [​IMG]
  3. lozpearl
    "Awesome little pets."
    Pros - Small, highly entertaining, keen to reproduce, don't require huge amounts of space, get along well with other poultry.
    Cons - Hens can be VERY noisy! Able to fly.
    I've had Calls for a little while now and we just love them! They're so amusing, some of the things they do are absolutely hilarious and have us in stitches! They would happily spend the entire day in the water and they forage a lot also, which can help with cost of feed. Mine love the chickens also and are more than happy to follow them around in the garden, occasionally calling out to them if they can't see them! A word of warning- the hens can be very loud, and I wouldn't recommend having them in a metro area. It does depend on the hen though, some are more vocal than others and one of mine is the loudest I've come across so far!

    They're seasonal layers and don't lay year round like Indian Runners. You'd be wise to clip their wings as their ability to fly is actually quite impressive!

    My drake was killed recently by a dog, and when he saw her coming he protected his partner by running straight at the dog. The hen managed to escape unharmed. We're so sad to have lost him but the scenario itself demonstrates the character of a Call drake. Our hen was terribly lonely without him and but I managed to track down her half sister and bought her as a companion, luckily! I now have two very happy hens. :)

    Overall such lovely and funny little ducks, and cute as a button! Definitely recommend.
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  1. Quacking Pigeon
    What about Australian Call Ducks? They have a different origin and they are a different size and have a different body type and bill.

    I’m looking into getting some call ducks for showing.
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  2. ilovemeducks
    I rehomed one just before Christmas. She has a little Pekin cockerel friend, Woody, that she is inseparable from - apparently they hatched at the same time. I have named her Echo, just because she does! She is gorgeous. The tiniest, sweetest thing imaginable and very friendly. Would SO recommend a Call Duck if you are thinking of getting them. You MUST have water though. I thought my Indian Runners liked water but she is something else.
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  3. Table4Six
    SO funny! My flock would not be the same without them.
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  4. phantom1
    hi we were looking to purchase some butterscotch, nutmeg, cinnamon, type call ducks please let us know thanks
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  5. cluckinafarm
    I have a female call duck whose eyes grew shut after severe mating by the males. When I found her, her neck was missing all the feathers and her head was raw and bloody. We treated with some blood stop and anti-bacterial creme and in a few days she was looking better. A week later we noticed that her eyes were growing closed with a yellowish/white film like skin. They continued until she was completely blind. We kept her in a cage and fed and watered her twice daily. Many months later the vet came to administer rabies to our donkeys and while she was here, she cut the skin film open and she could see again. They grew shut again and this time, we cut them open, removing almost all the skin like film. It looked great for two weeks and now is growing closed again. Has anyone else had this problem? (there is some minor bleeding when we cut the skin away, but it stops quickly and the duck can then see normally)
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    1. phantom1
      hi did you find out how to cure it we had the same thing happen to one of our ducks and like you we separated her, talked to a vet and he had no idea how to treat. hoping she is doing well
      phantom1, May 22, 2018
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  6. Abriana
    I love Call ducks, but I'm getting Pekins, and I have heard that Calls aren't as friendly and I wanted a friendly duck. I love the white ones innocent, sweet expressions!
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    1. Hybridchucks
      calls are easier to tame though (people say)
      Hybridchucks, Jul 5, 2017
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    2. Abriana
      I would certainly love some tame Calls. I'm looking at Metzer farms and if i read that Calls are easy to tame maybe I'll look at getting some. They're so cute!
      Abriana, Jul 6, 2017
    3. Hybridchucks
      I know! so adorable i have one!
      Hybridchucks, Jul 6, 2017
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  7. Hybridchucks
    What age do they start laying? xx thanks
    1. babychicks7
      about 6 months thats when mine did anyway
      babychicks7, May 27, 2017
    2. Hybridchucks
      Thanks! babychick7 ! xxx
      Hybridchucks, May 27, 2017
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  8. lozpearl
    Thanks NorthFLChick :)
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  9. N F C
    Nice review! I'm sorry for the loss of your drake but your 2 girls sound lovely. Thanks for the information.
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  10. CochinBrahmaLover
    How old are yours? How well do they lay?
    I want call ducks!!! LOL!
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    1. babychicks7
      mine range from 3 years to 3 days i love mine and they are so much fun to watch. if you let them free range they must be locked up at night predators love them since they are so small.. mine have layed up to 15 eggs before she starts sitting on them and they lay in the spring
      babychicks7, May 27, 2017
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