Canada Goose

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    wild, does not bare confinement well
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    Brown Body, black head with white chinstrap. black feet, and beak. Must have a license to own in some places.Clutch size is 2-8 eggs.
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    Comb: none


    Climate Tolerance: all climates

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    Egg Size: Width:
    3.3in 8.3 cm
    2.2 in
    5.6 cm
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    Breed Temperament: bares confinement mildly

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    Gander Hen




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  1. Fluffers
    "Cute, Wild."
    Pros - can be trained, cute,
    Cons - flys away and breaks your heart.Plus the goslings when they are older, are UGLY
    I do not personally own Canada Geese, though the wild geese will come into my yard and we will feed them apples. They are Cute, but i would never trap them, because i can't keep them. If i had a license i would totally buy some, they would be good flock protectors. Their wings must be clipped when they are young if you don't want them to fly away with the migratory flocks. Many geese have come for generations, all cute and friendly :)

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  1. ldrchickens
    We rescued some babies several years ago (10+ years now) when someone had caught them in a fish net and got their wings tangled and broke in the netting. Let me say they were nothing bu puppy dogs. We would be inside and they would come knock on the screen door wanting in. We would be outside and my baby sister would be laying on her blanket on the ground and the whole flock would come surround her and eat any bugs on or around her never nipping or spooking her. They were never able to fly, or atleast never did that we seen and one night they never came up to the house to roost and we never seen em again. They were the best birds you could ever have!
  2. Hybridchucks
    i love canadian geese!
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