Chicken Breeds

What are the best egg laying, broody, docile, calm, friendly, smart, quite, or best chickens breeds and why? What are your favorite chicken breeds or cross breed chickens and why?
The Ohiki are very round and broad most of all at the shoulders. The breed is also a very proud and elegant breed as the males stand with his breast out and head held high. They look much like a clean legged long-tailed Cochin bantam.
Bright, social birds. Beautiful Plumage with speckles covering the body. Roosters rarely fight and the chickens get to about 7-8 ounces. Very smart birds and like to be included in everything.
This breed lays 300+ eggs per year of medium-large WHITE eggs.
what are these ??the first three are the same Chicken next 3 are of this same and finally the last pic I have 3 just like this one
We bought 2 chics last year at TSC and after a year, our babies are not as big a a standard Rhode Island Reds. Some how we picked out a pair of mini chicken, is this a rare thing, too have chickens this small? We have them in with our Bantam chickens.
brown and like brown speckled white chest with black and white speckling/barring.
This is a mix between the Buff Orpington Male & the Golden Laced Wyandotte Female.

Buff Orpington X Easter Egger

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This is a cross bred chicken between the Buff Orpington Male & the Easter Egger Female
This is a cross breed chicken between the Buff Orpington Male and the Black Australorp Female. My hen has adopted babies twice and is an excellent broody hen who has gone broody 5 times and she is only almost two years old. The breed is heavy because both the Buff Orpington & the Black Australorp are heavy breeds.

Cuckoo Maran

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The Marans originated in Marans, France and were reported into the UK in the 1930's.
I order my chicks and got them today I wish I know what my tendon chick is. It is yellow with a hint of orange also has feather in feet.
I have 5 Batams and I just ordered 10 Ameraucana will they get along together well?

Whiting True Green

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They lay medium to large green eggs! A very docile breed indeed.

Whiting True Blue

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These medium sized chickens are beautiful egg layers. They lay pure blue eggs! Their eggs start out at a medium size. However, as they grow and mature the eggs become very large! Each hen (on average) produces 300 eggs a year!

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