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Coops, Runs, & Housing

very bad quality. it can't be out in the rain. can only hold 5 or less chooks (personally i...

Chick-N-Hutch Chicken Hutch - 1490

User Rating:
FREE Solar Nite Eyes With Purchase Just right for the smaller backyard flock...

Chicken Coop, Portable, for 3 to 5 hens

User Rating:
Designed for the backyard and urban farmer, the Portable Chicken Coop is an affordable and space...

Nite Guard Predator Control Light

User Rating:
Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack

Formex Snap Lock Coop

User Rating:
This is a double-walled plastic coop kit. It is shipped via FedEx, and easily assembled by one...

Chicken Palace

User Rating:
Our custom made chicken coop

Prevue 465 Red Barn Chicken Coop

User Rating:
Prevue Pet Products Chicken Coop 465 - inspired by the traditional Red Barn found on many farms,...
Innovation Pet's Deluxe Farm House is a TSC Exclusive and can house up to 8 chickens. Solid wood construction with heavy-duty latches and an asphalt roof Sliding rear window and sliding door provide added ventilation Nesting box, roosting bar and ramp included Sliding door at the top of the ramp encloses the coop area for weather and predator protection. Easy to assemble in less than 60 minutes Outside assembled dimensions are 84 in. x 42 in. x 57 in. Dimensions for the door at the top of...

Cumfy Coops Marriott Chicken Coop

User Rating:
CHICKEN COOP FEATURES High Quality Fir Wood Slide Out Cleaning Tray 6 Nesting Areas Front Door...
Don't let the picture deceive you: it did us!
Prefabricated, flat packed coop of a medium size. Suitable for 2-10 chickens 3 nesting boxes 5 roosts - 2 different heights and widths Requires painting or oiling prior to use to maintain warranty
The TSC Exclusive Precision Walk-In Red Barn Chicken Coop has enough room to house up to 8-10 chickens. Walk-In, 6 Foot Tall Design Sliding Door to Secure Chickens at Night Four Access Doors - For Easy Cleaning & Egg Collecting Easy Clean Pull-Out Pan 3 Nesting Boxes 3 Roosting Bars Adjustable Rear Ventilation Shingled Asphalt Roof 78.25 in. x 43.5 in. x 71 in. - Outside Roof Dimensions 73.5 in. x 39 in. - Inside Wood Framing Dimensions
This Innovation Pet Extra Large Green Walk-In Coop can house up to 15 chickens. Solid wood construction with an asphalt roof Includes nesting box, roosting bars and ramp Sliding window provides additional ventilation Large, walk-in door allows easy human access to chickens and for cleaning Sliding door at the top of the ramp encloses the coop area for weather and predator protection. NEW: Large triangular wood piece added to the front of the interior coop for additional protection from the...

Ware Premium+ Backyard Hutch

User Rating:
Perfect combination of a cage and a playpen

White Walk-In Chicken Coop

User Rating:
A large white walk-in chicken coop that sleeps 4-10 chooks, depending if you free range or not....

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