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very bad quality. it can't be out in the rain. can only hold 5 or less chooks (personally i...

Chick-N-Hutch Chicken Hutch - 1490

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FREE Solar Nite Eyes With Purchase Just right for the smaller backyard flock...

Chicken Coop, Portable, for 3 to 5 hens

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Designed for the backyard and urban farmer, the Portable Chicken Coop is an affordable and space...

Nite Guard Predator Control Light

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Nite Guard Solar NG-001 Predator Control Light, Single Pack

Formex Snap Lock Coop

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This is a double-walled plastic coop kit. It is shipped via FedEx, and easily assembled by one...

Cumfy Coops Marriott Chicken Coop

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CHICKEN COOP FEATURES High Quality Fir Wood Slide Out Cleaning Tray 6 Nesting Areas Front Door...
Prefabricated, flat packed coop of a medium size. Suitable for 2-10 chickens 3 nesting boxes 5 roosts - 2 different heights and widths Requires painting or oiling prior to use to maintain warranty
The TSC Exclusive Precision Walk-In Red Barn Chicken Coop has enough room to house up to 8-10 chickens. Walk-In, 6 Foot Tall Design Sliding Door to Secure Chickens at Night Four Access Doors - For Easy Cleaning & Egg Collecting Easy Clean Pull-Out Pan 3 Nesting Boxes 3 Roosting Bars Adjustable Rear Ventilation Shingled Asphalt Roof 78.25 in. x 43.5 in. x 71 in. - Outside Roof Dimensions 73.5 in. x 39 in. - Inside Wood Framing Dimensions

Ware Premium+ Backyard Hutch

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Perfect combination of a cage and a playpen

White Walk-In Chicken Coop

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A large white walk-in chicken coop that sleeps 4-10 chooks, depending if you free range or not....

Egg Cart'n

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The Egg Cart'n is a very large, heavy tractor style coop that has removable coroplast panels to...
Less expensive than cheap imported wood coops, extremely durable and tough
New Age Pet Eco-Concepts Huntington Rabbit Hutch with Pen - Premium Outdoor Wood Rabbit Hutch...
Pros: Great fencing, easy to use and install, durable, sag resistant. Cons: Hard to set up in...
Give your chickens a safe place to feed and roam with the A-Frame Run for the Alexandria Chicken...

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