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First bred in the early 1950s from racing homers.
The fantail was first introduced to North America in the mid 1800's and soon became popular,...

Birmingham Rollers

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Birmingham Rollers are a small and easy to care for therefore they are recommended as a...

Birmingham Show Roller

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Also called the English Show Roller or just Show Roller, they are larger than the regular Birmingham Roller and Performance Roller with a more robust body and shorter face, with a heavier build! Not good performers, for exhibition only!
A rare breed of pigeon often kept for exhibition purposes.
I don't know if this is a roo or what breed it is. I purchased a variety pack for a broody hen. Heard crowing this morning and don't know who is the culprit. This chick is so beautiful in real life...maybe it is the roo? 9 weeks old.


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This is a very large (up to 72 inches/6 feet tall) bird, native to Australia. There was a very...
Bred from the Russian Trumpeter in Germany.

Golden Pheasant

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Goldens come from China.

Helmeted Guineafowl

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Guineafowl, particularly the helmeted variety, have a long history of domestication. It is said...

Homing Pigeon

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First used 3000 years ago. Used all over the world to deliver mail. Have even been used in the...
A very close cousin to the Golden Pheasant, one that often hybridizes with them. Similar care...

Oriental Roller

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The Oriental Roller pigeon origins come from the Middle East and Asian countries, namely...
The opinion on history varies but they originated from the Ottoman Empire and were brought to...


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This breed developed at the end of the nineteenth century by a englishman called William Cook...

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