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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Black with a Green shine. Blue/Splash are Rare
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Developed in New York, USA from two black ducks a man found in his pond. This is the main idea, but there are several different theories.
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  • Breed Details:
    Very Quiet Breed, second only to the Muscovy. They are very docile , are excellent foragers, but can be slighly shy. They are a Mediun Weight Class duck, and cannot fly.






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  1. WelliesNBrellas
    "We'll be sticking to chickens after our Cayugas"
    Pros - GORGEOUS!, hearty (we had 100% hatch rate from a dozen hand-incubated eggs), ducklings are sweet and tame, wonderful foragers
    Cons - Very skittish, even after gentle and frequent handling as youngsters; messy; ours had ZERO instinctive survival skills and 100% succumbed to our local bald eagles
    Keep in mind that I only speak from the experience of hatching 12 Cayugas, 10 of which were drakes. We have never raised other breeds of duck, only chickens. All our poultry have free-ranged.

    Our hatching experience with Cayugas was beyond excellent and they were adorable, sweet ducklings. Their first few weeks were really fun and rewarding.

    After we moved them outdoors...not so much.

    Ours weren't as noisy as some others have complained about, thankfully. But oh, the mess! Our free-range Cayugas had free access to 5 acres but they still tore up the area around their swimming pool.

    I'd never eaten duck eggs before and discovered that I much prefer the milder eggs of chickens, so the fact that most of our duck flock was males didn't bother me. Beautiful, beautiful plumage on our healthy birds, but the fact that they wouldn't interact with us like the chickens do just didn't make up for their beauty.

    The biggest issue was that we never once saw any instinctive response to the presence of hawks or bald eagles, who (would have) licked their lips (if they had them), and said, "Yum! Succulent and easy prey!!!" Maybe female Cayugas have a better track record, or ones from different genetic stock? But I now look at wild mallards and wonder, if all ducks have the lack of sense of our Cayugas, how is it that ducks are not extinct? Not a single one of our chickens, who naturally freeze any time ANYTHING soars overhead (be it a raptor or an airplane), has ever been eagle food.

    I really want to love Cayugas but respectfully leave them to those who do. They are truly beautiful birds.
  2. BabyGirl2
    "Great cold weather ducks."
    Pros - They loved the snow and cold weather of winter. They don't fly very high off the ground, and they lay blackish colored eggs that are a conversation starter. Plus there coloring is very pretty.
    Cons - They can be a little loud and hot weather is not good for them (they need shade and cool water), they don't fly very high off the ground.
    I have eight cayuga, six males and two females. I wanted to give an idea to those thinking about getting cayugas what they're like.
    They loved the snow storm this winter. I spent a sleepless night worried about them only find them happily setting in the snow. When they got to cold, or to much snow on them they went to their shed and ate. They even took baths and played in the snow and mud puddles. They sleep most of the day and run around the yard half the night. They get along with my two pekin ducks and don't mind the chickens and the cats. I keep all dogs out of the yard. They don't like being "caged" but are fine with a well fenced yard. They run from my two year old nephew. They have never been aggressive, but they don't want to snuggle and petted either.
    Purchase Price:
    $4.99 each
    Purchase Date:
    March 2018
  3. Haydog03
    "Skittish Beauty!"
    Pros - A tad distrusting, but once you earn it... it’s amazing! My Cayuga is the most calm bird. When our other male tried to pick a fight, he just leaves! He’s very gentle when eating out of my hand, whereas my other ducks (Pekins) leave red marks!
    Cons - They are skittish, and it may take a while to gain any trust!

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  1. Y-Knot

    I love my ducks and made the stupid decision to let one of them lay on eggs last May. The setter was a blue Runner but her flock mate Midnight would kick her off the nest every night, lay her egg, and they have her get back on. Most of the eggs were a gray color looking very Cayuga like. Four hatched out ... 3 drakes and one female. The female and one drake are certainly mixes but two of the drakes have the look of a Cayuga. Since I really don't need six drakes I was hoping to find a nice home for two of them. [I'm keeping the mix.] A lady was really all excited about the two drakes in the photo. After she saw the photo, she decided she didn't want them since they couldn't possibly be Cayugas. She is basing that on the color of the bill. Aparently they are too light and should be sort of a black color. I told her that the drake's bill sometimes turned olive as they matured. It would mean a lot if someone would get me an opinion.

    I do have a mix in the pen but I have a male and female Cayuga and they spend most of the time together. Both male and female were rescues from a pond in Sacramento and were probably Easter rejects.

    Thanks, Yvette
    Winchester, Sir Duckworth, Lady Waddletail, Fire Fawn, Smoke, Sir Dudley, Lil' Darlin', Midnight, Slingshot, Sir Cinder, Eggy, Remington, Pip, Last Chance aka LC, Chocolate, Pom Pom and Powder Puff.

    That wasn't much help ... it won't let me upload the photo!
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    1. Rainbowliciouschicken
      Hello I am very interested in your Cayugas. Are they still available?
      Rainbowliciouschicken, Mar 9, 2019
  2. GratitudeGates
    Does anyone have a drake Cayuga if so do you find them aggressive with the girls or not?
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    1. harmesonfarm
      I have not found so, but of course as with roosters I'm sure it depends on breeding (was dad aggressive?), how many females to a male, personal temperment, etc.
      harmesonfarm, Aug 25, 2018
    2. Kneipho
      if I do not hang around at feeding time he gets grumpy... if I do not pick him up and hold him .... he get grumpy.... if i hold one of his hens he gets grumpy.... the best advise i could give would be to handle the little guy and call him by name...and hang around in side the coop at feeding times
      Kneipho, Jan 22, 2019
  3. Procyron
    I know people say they're supposed to be really quiet but mine are super loud and high strung—more than any breed I've owned since call ducks. They were cuddly as babies and they're hand-fed, so they still can turn off the fear when there is food involved. When there isn’t, they act like you're the enemy. They wake up shrieking, run around shrieking for fun, and start shrieking when you look at them through a window.
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  4. Mr.and Mrs.Greenwood
    I love cayugs, we have 2 3 week old girls at the moment and they are hilarious, both have such great personalities! ebony is a sweetheart and loves to snuggle... the other is more about running around lol.

    I cant wait to see them as adults... I use to have a drake and he was amazing and soo gentle!!
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  5. harmesonfarm
    We love our Cayuga's! They were very cute following us around the yard everywhere when they were little. More independent now but still friendly. Our drake would let our son pet him and hug him. So cute.
    They shine with a beautiful brilliant green in the sun, the drake more so then the females. Great foragers, great personalities and they run the barnyard that's for sure.
  6. MartinsPoultry
    Love Cayuga's, such a gorgeous breed with lots of personality. The two that I own give my herding dog a run for her money, the hen sasses her and the drake will minorly charge her.
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  7. Camp Olsen
    I bought 2 what I though were Cayuga. One is and one I think is a Swedish? Furthermore do they have angel wings? I can't figure out how to post photos from my iPhone...
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  8. applebutter14
  9. hellbender
    Three cheers for the fantastic Muscovy. No other breed of 'duck' can compare...JMHO
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  10. JMwolfHorse1
    Sorry you had to sell him! I love and favor Cayugas above all Ducks! Gizmo is a great name! My old rabbit owner named our rabbit Gizmo, but he never listened to that name. AT ALL! So I renamed him Timothy!
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