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Average User Rating:
  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Black with a Green shine. Blue/Splash are Rare
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Developed in New York, USA from two black ducks a man found in his pond. This is the main idea, but there are several different theories.
  • 46f22624_cayuga--895678.jpeg 9ad06821_cayuga--350797.png 69c29ae6_cayuga--234415.png 7f6f3829_ducks-cayuga-36026-398106.jpeg 3638300b_ducks-cayuga-36026-957309.jpeg d8ae0d3a_P1030537.jpeg c5b7a3f3_P1030643.jpeg 8a259cec_P1030578.jpeg 3e6fefc6_P1100219.jpeg cf266083_IMG_20130817_200506.jpeg

  • Breed Details:
    Very Quiet Breed, second only to the Muscovy. They are very docile , are excellent foragers, but can be slighly shy. They are a Mediun Weight Class duck, and cannot fly.







Recent User Reviews

  1. ljmecham2001
    "Best ducks ever!!!"
    Pros - Very quiet, non-flyers, very pretty
    When I got my first pair of Cayuga's, I instantly fell in love, they are extremely cute as ducklings and beautiful as adults. My Cayuga's are my #1 favorite ducks, and I would recommend them to anyone!!!
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  2. applebutter14
    "very good breed."
    Pros - calm, docile, friendly,enjoyable,tame...could go on and on!
    Cons - i cant think of any,
    i had a cayuga, his name was Gizmo. he was so sweet! i raised him since he was a duckling, at my county fair he was reserve champion waterfowl. i had to sell him at the fair because i cant keep them over the winter, i purchased him at my feed store, with 3 other ducks, i think over all they are awesome birds!
  3. Mamma Duck
    "Loves me"
    Pros - Small, beautiful, quiet, friendly, sweet, obedient , can't fly
    Cons - Dependent
    I have a Cayuga duck named Sue. I got her when she was a day old, and now she is a little over 2 months old. I have her as a house duck, along with a Pekin duck. She is very friendly once you gain her trust. She also follows me wherever I go, comes when ever I yell her name, and stops whatever she is doing whenever I call her. She also loves kisses and hugs. Whenever I sit down she walks on my lap and asks for my attention. The only thing I have to complain about her is that she is very dependent on me. She gets upset when I leave or whenever I have to take her friend away for whatever reason. I don't mind that, I spend about 6 hours a day with her and the Pekin. I highly recommend a Cayuga duck to someone.
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User Comments

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  1. applebutter14
  2. hellbender
    Three cheers for the fantastic Muscovy. No other breed of 'duck' can compare...JMHO
  3. JMwolfHorse1
    Sorry you had to sell him! I love and favor Cayugas above all Ducks! Gizmo is a great name! My old rabbit owner named our rabbit Gizmo, but he never listened to that name. AT ALL! So I renamed him Timothy!
  4. hedylaymore
    Sounds like a good pet. What do you do about the duck poop?
  5. RavensRansom
    Haven't read that they flock with any new bird, that's a bonus since it would make adding to the flock less stressful. Don't plan on eating them so plucking wouldn't be a problem. I want them for their beauty & eggs, and any incidental hilarity that they provide.
  6. RavensRansom
    I'll be watching for your updates.
    I've never been interested in ducks before I found these in someone's post. Their beautiful color was the first thing I liked, but the more I read about them the more I think I'll be saying the same about them being a "... good choice in picks for my first duck flock. :) "
  7. RavensRansom
    Being wary of humans bearing gifts is a point in their favor with me. That attitude would make it harder for thieves to take off with them.
  8. Bo Garrett
    Gentle is a relative term when related to waterfowl. While there are some that are more gentle than others most could care less to be handled or for that fact even approached by humans. My cayugas were never gentle, however they would approach to be fed but that was it and they had one eye on me at all times when eating. They will settle down some but don't expect them to be pets.
  9. chicken danz
    I'm just the opposite.. I don't eat dark meat at all. The parafin method works really well and doesn't take nearly as much as the tutorials indicate, particularly if you dress several birds at one time. If it weren't for diversity among us life would certainly be boring.
  10. DStewart PDX
    Yes, the muscovies are a goose relative. I love their meat! In fact, I don't care for white meat, be it a turkey or chicken, so the muscovy being all dark meat is a huge plus in my kitchen. As for threats to native populations, well, you could say the same for any non-native species. I've read about the paraffin method of plucking ducks. It sounded expensive and messy to me! I am glad you enjoy your birds. So often when people post reviews, they don't say exactly why they love a breed, and that is very important to know.

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