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    The Large Chick-N-Barn - Chicken Hutch by Ware is the ultimate housing for your pampered poultry, this stylish designer Chicken Barn is perfect for your urban flock (the Barn is rated for 6-9 average size hens)It has hinged side lids for easy access, 3 egg collection doors, 2 sliding chicken entries and room for a roost. Interior roosting perch included. Made of exterior grade plywood that is coated with a non-toxic red stain. Has rust resistant wire. The roof has a green roof cap. Bottom is open. Nest boxes are not included.

    May be attached to Chick-N-Yard (sold separately). Match your Chick-N-Barn with the Chick-N-Yard for a secure, safe habitat for your feathered friends, add a second yard for more room or larger flocks. Chick-N-Barn is sold individually. Easy to assemble with just a screwdriver. Dimensions: 51" x 43" x 46.5" (WxDxH)

    Before purchasing we ask you to please see our Customer Service Page on the return and warranty policy for all wooden chicken coops and rabbit hutches.
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  1. fldiver97
    "Way too small for 6-9 chickens!"
    Pros - Looks cute from a distance.
    Cons - Flimsy, no floor, thin wood. Round roost, chickens did not want to use roost. Barely big enough for 3 or 4 standard chickens AND only if coop just used for sleeping and laying.
    Wouldn’t buy again. Ok to use for brooding or infirmary if it’s in a secure sheltered area. Flimsy, no floor, can not stand up to predators. Difficult to clean/reach in. I immediately ‘weather proofed’ I.e. stained the outside, then had to reinforce coop. Not suitable for cold climates. Had get a bigger and sturdier coop after just 3 months.
  2. AhyokaAcres
    "Chick-N-Barn from TSC"
    Pros - less pricey, fairly good predator protection and ventilation
    Cons - cheap plywood, not very sturdy, no floor
    This isn't a horrible coop, but it is tiny and made of cheap wood. However for the price, it was to be expected.

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