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    The Chick-N-Cabin is the perfect home for 4 to 6 hens. This cozy little coop will keep your hens safe and secure. Made from top grade lumber with tongue and groove construction, non-toxic stain, rustproof galvanized wire and a waterproof shingle roof. Offers easy access and cleaning with 2 removable screen front panels, a rear access cleanup door, removable wooden side panel and a side access door. The 4 removable roost, lift-out floor panels, locking door and fresh air vents make raising your small flock easy. By adding the Chick-N-Pen (sold separately) your chickens will have access to a safe and secure outdoor area for scratching and foraging. Assembles with only a screwdriver required. Dimensions: 48"W x 45.25"D x 37.25"H

    Before purchasing we ask you to please see our Customer Service Page on the return and warranty policy for all wooden chicken coops and rabbit hutches.
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  1. lizardandchicks
    "All right"
    Pros - Easy cleaning, Easy access, bottom allows area to be in dirt
    Cons - Not put together quite right, Most don't have nest boxes
    We got this as our first coop. It is always falling apart because it is detachable to make cleaning easier. It doesn't align quite light. If you are just getting this for a starting coop, get it. It is cheap, and has mostly everything you need.

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