Chick-N-Villa - 1462

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    The Chick-N-Villa is the perfect home for 4 to 6 hens. This cozy little coop will keep your hens safe and secure. Made from top grade lumber with tongue and groove construction, non-toxic stain, rustproof galvanized wire and a waterproof shingle roof. Offers easy access and cleaning with a large screen front door, a rear access cleanup door and a removable wooden side panel. The 2 removable roost, lift-out floor panels, attachable access ramp, covered screened porch and convenient storage compartment make raising your small flock easy. Assembles with only a screwdriver required. Dimensions: 69.5"W x 33.75"D x 50"H

    Before purchasing we ask you to please see our Customer Service Page on the return and warranty policy for all wooden chicken coops and rabbit hutches.
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