Chick Starter, 5lb

Pros: I like the small resealable bag
Cons: None
My chicks love this feed. I picked up a couple of bags at Walmart (because I needed an excuse to get a few chicks.) The new chicks loved it so much that I bought more chicks and more feed. I like the smaller bags because they stay fresher and are easier to store. I have been using it for almost 6 weeks now and will move up to a grower soon. I will buy this if I raise chicks in the future.
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Sept. 2018
Pros: Resealable bag, Convenient size for small amount of chicks
Cons: Hard to get feed out of the bag, Strange Smell
I purchased this feed off Amazon for chicks I hatched a few weeks back. I was looking for a small amount (closest feed store sells 15 lb bags, and last year, when I bought it, I had a lot left over after my chicks grew up. Long story short, in order to not waste it, we gave it to our leghorn hen (who had stopped laying at the time) and thus began her crazy addiction to chick feed.). I only had 2 chicks hatch out this year and really didn't need 15 lbs of feed, and definitely was not going to the "feed it to the old hen" option, especially since she started laying again. I also wanted medicated feed, as I have found that my chicks do better with medicated compared to non-medicated. I had much higher chick mortality rates before I switched to medicated.

Basically, I found this product on Amazon and it seemed to fit the bill. Small amount. Not too expensive. Medicated. Resealable bag to keep fresh. When I received it, my chicks wouldn't eat it at first and I noticed that it had a strange, unnatural smell. I thought it might be due to the vitamins or medication, but the fresh feed from the feed store I usually buy is also medicated and doesn't have such a smell. Perhaps it is due to preservatives they use to keep the feed fresh?

Anyhow, the chicks soon ate it and now they love it. The bag I received was quite fully filled, so it is more than enough to last my two chicks. However, it is quite hard to get the feed out of the bag. Pouring it out gets messy and very dusty. Using a spoon to get it out is quite slow/ineffective.

Overall, this product does the trick and my chicks are healthy, growing well, and happy. I would recommend it if you really only need a small amount, but only if your local feed store doesn't have such small amounts.
Pros: resealable bag
Cons: more then half dust
Bought this from amazon since I had a gift card. What crumbles there were in the bag were a great size for the brand-new baby chicks, and they quickly ate all the crumble and left all the dust. I think my bag was a "bottom of the batch" bag, since it was more then half straight dust.
Pros: small size
Cons: dusty
small size bag keeps feed fresh- and vitamins fresh- for small flocks. Important since many vitamins don't have a very long shelf life. Feed up to 6 weeks.
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