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    We purchased a "Resort" style coop from Chicken Coops NW/My Urban Farmers back in February and it was delivered April 5th. Because our chicks weren't old enough for the coop, my husband assembled it April 28 and that's when the problems began.

    The coop is darling, but the wood is extremely lightweight and soft. The hardware is something you'd find holding the Barbie Dreamhouse together and when my husband tried to use more substantial hardware, the wood split. Every rung on the ramp came off because each was secured with tiny finishing nails. Our roof is splitting and coming apart also. I recently cleaned the coop for the first time and the triangles that hold the backdoor from caving into the coop completely broke off. I shouldn't have been surprised to find that the wood triangles were just centimeters thick and secured with glue and teeny tiny nails like the majority of the coop.

    I've contacted the company on 4 different occasions about all the issues we are having with the coop and at first, the excuse was that parts came loose during shipping and then when I sent photos to back up my complaints, it was improper installation. My husband intentionally installed the bottom back panel of the run "inside out" for ease of installation for the feeder/water I purchased.

    The last time I emailed I stated that I wanted a refund and that I wanted them to actually publish my honest review on their website. There are 20ish reviews and all positive for a reason. They won't publish the ones that say they put out crappy coops!!

    The reply from my email said that I missed the 30 day window for returns and that they could replace the parts. This is a joke because it would be of no benefit to do so because the whole things is soft and falling apart!

    Our coop budget is spent and I'm sad that we are stuck with this coop. We've only had chickens in it for about a month now so I can only imagine what it will be like in a year. Spread the word because ChickenCoopsNW certainly does not want you or anyone to know the truth about their kits!! Don't waste your money too!!

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  1. Elmochook
    You can make a pallet coop for under $50 to replace that pos. Sorry about your purchase though
  2. ArlingtonChick

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