Chicken Coop, Portable, for 3 to 5 hens

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  • Designed for the backyard and urban farmer, the Portable Chicken Coop is an affordable and space efficient home for your backyard chickens. Modeled on the classic chicken ark that has served British hen-keepers for decades, the coop provides a healthy, predator-proof home for up to 3 medium laying hens or 5 Bantams.

    All Handcrafted Coops are made using plantation-grown, renewable Douglas Fir timber. Douglas Fir has a natural woody scent that repels insects, keeping your birds lice-free. All coops are stained with a non-toxic, low VOC, weather resistant paint.

    The Portable Chicken Coop covers less ground space than other chicken coops. As well as space efficiency, the covered run gives both hens and costly feed good weather protection. The traditional design satisfies your birds' natural instincts, allowing them to go up at night to roost.

    The coop has one full-length door allowing easy access to the lower run for feeding and watering and lets chickens exit and roam free. The nesting box, located at one end of the ark, has its own external egg collection door. A removable side door allows for easy cleaning of the upper roosting chamber. All Chicken Arks come with sturdy carrying handles for easy portability. Moved every couple of days, your chickens will mow and fertilize your lawn.

    The handcrafted chicken coop is built with care, designed to last a generation. It offers a healthy home for your chickens - secure from predators and harsh environmental elements.

    All coops are hand-made and flat-packed for easy shipping and simple assembly.
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    Handcrafted Coops currently offers 2 models of their A-frame Portable Chicken Coop.
    The small model houses 3 to 5 hens, the large model houses 5 to 7 hens.
    The coops come flat packed in kit form and are easily assembled in about about 45 minutes.
    The ladder leading to the upper roosting chamber can be raised and secured at night for extra protection from predators.
    Free Shipping is offered on all coops.

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  1. Abbiem00
    "Not for more then 2."
    Pros - Nice for 2, not more.
    Cons - Not for more then 2.
    Not for more then 2.
  2. Spifflove
    "Doll House Coup"
    Pros - Great Design, beautiful.
    Cons - Small.
    This is a doll house coup. That means it is not useful for serious chicken keeping or for ducks. Its uses are for bantam chickens (which I use it for) and brooding and breeding a trio. It is also good eye candy.

    The front screen broke open resulting in the loss of my bantams to an opossum. It was fixed with an extra strip of wound and some nails. This will not protect hatchlins and fledglings from the elements without cardboard or plywood to cover the sides. Older chickens will be ok.
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  3. dlongterry
    "Not a Bad Coop"
    Pros - Looks Good, Easy to Move,
    Cons - Needs a dropping tray, Not built to withstand aggressive predators
    I really like the look of this coop, It is built pretty well however we don't leave it out in the rain. I wouldn't put 5 full size chickens in this coop....My 3 hens are pretty much on top of each other in the coop, but they get along great so it is not that big of a deal and we also let them free range in the yard. The instructions are not very good, but you can figure it out without using them. It is Very easy to move around and the hens seems to like it ok, but cleaning would be much easier with a dropping tray. It also needs better locks in my opinion as they are very cheap. If you have a lot of predators or big dogs that are aggressive towards your chickens I wouldn't want this coop.
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  1. AnimalGeek23
    Erm, this seems too small for 5 hens...
    I think it would be great for 2, though.
  2. dlongterry
    Sure I will take some photo and post them tomorrow.
  3. MandyMay
    I've heard good things about this coop. Can you post some photos of this coop in your yard?

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