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  • very bad quality. it can't be out in the rain. can only hold 5 or less chooks (personally i wouldn't put more than three). there's 2 nest boxes, 2 roosts
    i just it for my broody chooks so it's good for that
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  1. Yorkshire Coop
    "Not too bad,could be better."
    Pros - Easy to move & ideal broody/recovery coop and run.
    Cons - Not as big as expected. Needs TLC and maintaining regular.
    I bought this coop and run unseen from the Internet. Not as big as stated and no way would I let more than a couple of birds stay in there. I've used mine as a grow out coop for chicks and for a broody hen and her chicks. Also been used as a recovery coop for sick or injured birds which it has been great for. It needs painting regular and some maintaining as in the roof where it sprung a leak.

    Not bad for what I have used it for but certainly not as stated in the advert.
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  2. BDutch
    "just fine for three dutch bantams with some..."
    Pros - cheap, handy, easy to clean, nice nesting boxes, safe mash
    Cons - small, sleeping sticks too low, needs better roofing after two years
    I have a similar chicken coop. After two years I made a new roof over the old one because it started to leak. The connexion with the nesting boxes (hinge) was leaking and i made something waterproof over it.
    The covered run is quit open and gives little shelter when is windy and raining and you put it in an open field. The food gets easily wet. You need to keep the chickendoor open for ventilation or its getting easily too warm inside. The run is way to small to keep the chickens in 24x7. Therefore a second (open) run or free range is needed for happy chickens.

    Last year I had 4 dutch bantams in it. And it was quit small for them. Now I have 6 dutch and I build an extension to this coop with perches at 50 cm from the ground. They started to use these to sleep on when the chicks grew older. I painted (all cracks in) the wood with diatomaceous earth to prevent an outburst of lice.

    I hope the coop lasts a couple of years more with all the improvements.
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  3. king tail
    "not the best"
    Pros - good for bantams
    Cons - small, gets broken in to very easily
    it is very easily broken in to, i lost half of the flock. it has a small pop hole, so it is not good for the big breeds. it is ok for growing birds if you pick it up off the ground, but they cant stay in it for long. it is not the best coop, but i like the run. i still wouldn't get it again.
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  1. Col1948
    That is the same one I started with, I had 3 chickens and I thought it was too small, I bought a shed and converted it then got 2 more chickens.
    I posted this on another thread so I'm repeating myself here, but I'm glad I did, I can walk in the new coop and clean it out, plus I put a roost in it too and obviously the chickens like it.
  2. iawoodchip
    I got one as a gift for my first attempt at chicken. If you don't keep to the rule of 4 sq. ft. per bird, inside the house you're looking for trouble. I hated it with a passion. It didn't take me long to build something the chickens & I could live with.
  3. BullChick
    Mine fell apart after two months. I even tarped them (I bought two) and they continued to fall apart. As said above, they are good for chicks or a broody. Even a quarantine or sick bay. I'm sorry for the price I paid, but if they would have been $50, I wouldn't feel so annoyed.
    BTW, Walmart charges $300 for them (GASP!)
  4. ladyearth
    Just a saying from my experience... just a commenting here I wouldnt count on it lasting unless its under say a topper up on a frame or under a carport or wheeled into a garage. we even added wheels to ours with handles too.Heck it looks like the two I bought from TSC.... I call them a joke... okay for temp small chicks I even bought two extensions too. kept them under the Shelter logic from TSC too Only reason I even bought cause I bought the 2 yr old 6 chickens from a flea mkt.... with nothing ready.. an impulse buy. LOL
    I am not saying bad to you but to me To me it looks like chicken abuse... they are falling apart. Hubby had to reinforce them...
    Even TSc ad says houses 4 or 6 adult chickens.. Yeah if they are microscopic sized...
    Yeah I think its cheapo of the mfg. not putting in a venting window>>>>
    I hope your works out
  5. hellbender
    From what I see, it's a junker. An EXPENSIVE JUNKER. lolol
  6. plm6846
    We had one, big mistake! Had two chickens in it, every time the wind blew open the doors went! One fatal day a coyote cruzed thru right after the wind blew and bye bye Rooster!! His Copper Marin mate managed to fly to safety he kept her safe I believe. He was beautiful and would have won prizes!! Got rid of that coop, we are building our third coop for the garden area and using the pattern I got here..BYC. Never in 5 years have we had an invader in our coops. My daughter and I have built two each better than the other and now our third. Our solo Marin has yet to integrate into the other flock she quit laying so we are giving her time to adjust...such a trauma for a 7mo old girl! She is free ranging with the others but keeps a very safe lap mostly! My point? build your own, very much safer for sure, sturdy, and will last forever!!
  7. BDutch
    I have a coop like this. The first two years I used it for 2 rabbits. Put it on mash to keep the rabbits in. There whas a fox in our garden a couple of times but left our rabbits safe. Other rabbits and chickens in our neighbourhood didnt survive. When the rabbits died of old age. We choose to keep dutch bantams. Max 4 tiny chickens fit in. The roof and the connexion to the nesting boxes started to leak after 2 1/2 year.

    Now I made a new roof , an extension with outdoor but covered sleeping branches, an extra run connected, stones around the coop.? I keep 6 dutch bantams in this coop+.
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  8. plm6846
    We just bought a used one sort of like this one. It has a run with it. Quite damaged, but will hold our 3 birds...think one will be a Roo!! Bit of a bummer there, but I can see how easy it can be invaded by a predator..light weight and any aggressive predator can lift and enter or short dig and well free dinner. Will put it on bricks to aid this, but I am just glad I have no ground predators except coyotes...they prefer a easy meal. But those of you with coon, fox, mink, or skunk may think away from this model.
  9. dikbiscuit
    Nice idea to use it as a 'hen pen'.
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  10. pfewless
    I have the same coop. I thought it would be good for my 3 girls. I found that they were just to crowded. I plan to use it for hen and chicks, a new hen pen or a transition pen prior to putting them together. It sits next to the one we are building now.

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