Chicken Egg Cartons Clear (12 Egg) - 10/pk

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  • Brand New! These clear cartons have just arrived! 100% transparent plastic product. Made from recycled PETE material (PETE plastic is the same material used to make 2 liter soda bottles). Because the clear plastic is sturdy consumers can see all sides of the egg without opening the carton to inspect and touch the eggs. They will also know the eggs are well protected - during shopping and in the refrigerator. Locking tabs snap into place loudly enough so customers will know their eggs are safe and secure. They won't have to worry about eggs falling out and breaking. Fits egg sizes: S-M-L-XL-Jumbo(73 g)
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  1. BlueBaby
    "These are great egg cartons!"
    Pros - They protect the eggs and are pretty sturdy
    Cons - I don't have enough of them
    These are great! I use them for my hatching eggs that I sell here locally. They protect the eggs better than the other types of egg cartons.
  2. JerseyGiantfolk
    "Very Well worked!"
    Pros - Easy, don't take away moisture from eggs like paper cartons
    Cons - Can break in half if eggs are too heavy and pulling weight
    I use these to sell eggs for my egg business. Eggs will last longer in plastic cartons, paper cartons soak up the eggs moisture ever so slightly. I can re use these more. And the don't break as easy...
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  1. EggWalrus
    What brand, where can they be found, and how much do they cost? you skipped of all the important questions.
  2. Labradors
    If they're anything like the ones in the stores, it would add frustrated customers who cannot easily get the darned things open!
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  3. Farmer Connie
    $?! What would it add to my bottom line?

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