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Chicken Feeder / Water Fountain

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  1. dlongterry
    "Love it!"
    Pros - Cute, Easy to use, Good size for small coop
    Cons - Size if you have lots of chickens
    I really love this cute little feeder/Water Fountain - We have two one for each...food and water.
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  2. little farmer
    "Great Waterer!!!!"
    I love this thing. :) I use mine as a waterer, and it works great!! It's nice and sturdy, and the girls love it too. :D That's always a plus. It is a bit hard to un-freeze in the winter, but what waterer isn't? Love the chickens on the jug, and holds a lot of water. I highly recommend it. :)
  3. BeulahBreezes
    "Great Product!"
    Pros - BPA-free, easy to clean,easy to vies supply
    Cons - none
    Bought 2 of these....work great in all seasons but winter. I like that they are made by handicap ppl....so says they tag. No BPA in the plastic. Very easy to clean. Very easy to view the food or water levels.
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User Comments

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  1. ellend
    I went and bought a hanging feeder just now; will use the cute one for water only, or crumbles if I use them in future.
  2. BeulahBreezes
    I love this feeder/fountain in warm weather.....we have 2 of these and all spring, summer and fall I kept water in both, one on each side of their grazing territory. I was able to use ACV in them as they are plastic. I did use them as feeders when my chicks were younger...no problems.
  3. Going Quackers
    I see, well clever idea on your husbands behalf. As i said i found it alright with a crumble, that is the form of feed here. I prefer hanging feeders though, chickens are too wasteful with other designs, in my experience.
  4. ellend
    We tried it for layer pellets, and it didn't feed (pardon pun). My husband is a diemaker, so VERY precise...he took a dremel burr to it, and removed all the plastic he could to enlarge the holes but still leave barely enough thread to grip. It works some better, but not enough to trust. Crumbles worked okay (after modification--I didn't try them before he worked on it.) The girls wasted most of them, though.
  5. Going Quackers
    What type of feed? As i said i used ours with a crumble and it worked?
  6. Indigosands
    I agree with the pp, I also have this fount and it only works as a waterer. It does not function as a feeder at all.
  7. Limet8
    I have tried this feeder/water fountain and unfortunately it did not let any food out and I was forced to overpay for something that didn't work, however if you use it for water, you will be fine.

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