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  1. Curnow
    "Great Product!"
    Pros - Convenient size, easy to claen, easy to refill.
    Cons - none
  2. Hen Pen Jem
    "Convenient Water Source"
    Pros - Water/Feed levels are easily seen. One gallon of water weighs a lot less than three! Simple to keep clean.
    Cons - Sometimes feed builds up in the openings, when used as feeder. Calcium build up from hard water, encourages algae growth during the Summer months.
    I really like this water fountain. In addition to the giant water founts, it is a convenient water source for the chickens while they are out foraging. I have one under the trees, in the front and back yards. I also use one up at coop, in the recreation pen. The chickens always have water near by. It's also very handy to have an extra one for when you need to add some medicine to their water, or other special recipes for them to drink.

    As for durability, they are made of BPA free plastic, and last for several years. The oldest container I have, is five years old. It is the clear container that will eventually crack from exposure to the elements. But, I discovered it can be easily repaired with some "Flex Seal". The green screw on base can also have a new life, as it fits other containers!

    It will last longer, if you keep it clean. This is good for the health of the chickens too. I use 2 parts Baking Soda to 1 part Citric Acid, sprinkle in the container and lid. Then, just add will foam up and break down the calcium, just give a little scrub with a brush, and rinse.

    Flip over a sturdy flower pot, and set the water fountain on top. The chickens love this product, I do too!:thumbsup

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  3. UrAlly
    "Biggest Fan !!! Buy Dozens"
    Pros - Easy to use, easy to see levels, simple to clean, chickens love them, whole seed flows well from them, chickens don't flick food from them as much
    Cons - NOT dishwasher proof. I have melted three of the clear tops :(
    OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these feeder/waterers! I have recommended them to all my buyers and to all that come to me for consultation. They work so well. I literally own at least 14 of these. And I make sure all new chicken owners have two.
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  1. ellend
    I went and bought a hanging feeder just now; will use the cute one for water only, or crumbles if I use them in future.
  2. BeulahBreezes
    I love this feeder/fountain in warm weather.....we have 2 of these and all spring, summer and fall I kept water in both, one on each side of their grazing territory. I was able to use ACV in them as they are plastic. I did use them as feeders when my chicks were problems.
  3. Going Quackers
    I see, well clever idea on your husbands behalf. As i said i found it alright with a crumble, that is the form of feed here. I prefer hanging feeders though, chickens are too wasteful with other designs, in my experience.
  4. ellend
    We tried it for layer pellets, and it didn't feed (pardon pun). My husband is a diemaker, so VERY precise...he took a dremel burr to it, and removed all the plastic he could to enlarge the holes but still leave barely enough thread to grip. It works some better, but not enough to trust. Crumbles worked okay (after modification--I didn't try them before he worked on it.) The girls wasted most of them, though.
  5. Going Quackers
    What type of feed? As i said i used ours with a crumble and it worked?
  6. Indigosands
    I agree with the pp, I also have this fount and it only works as a waterer. It does not function as a feeder at all.
  7. Limet8
    I have tried this feeder/water fountain and unfortunately it did not let any food out and I was forced to overpay for something that didn't work, however if you use it for water, you will be fine.

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