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  1. pfields
    "The chicken fountain works fine but...if you..."
    Pros - We've had it installed for three days and it works.
    Cons - Water gets very hot inside if not installed in the shade, lots of shade
    We bought $40 worth of tube insulation to put on our white water hose and the water still gets hot. My husband plans on burying the water hose but we don't have a place in the shade for the fountain so right now I've got an umbrella over it. It's very windy here on the coast of Texas so that's not a complete solution to keep it cool. I've been putting frozen bottles of water in the top but they melt really fast and need replaced. It works great, it's just the heat here that's causing us problems. It won't get cool here until November/December unless we have an early winter. I can't put the fountain in my coop due to the wood floor and I don't have the space for it. We don't have a run, our chickens free range on 1/2 acre fenced yard. I'm not disappointed in the fountain because it's working so far but my chickens need lots of cool water to drink and this has not been a good solution for us.

    We put double and triple pipe insulation around the garden hose and then around the fountain. That helped and then the chickens started eating the insulation on the fountain so I wrapped the insulation on the fountain with white cloth. All that with adding a frozen water bottle each day has helped reduced the water temperature. I also keep an umbrella over it during the day. We're in the middle of a heat wave but when we get some rain and the ground gets soft, we'll bury the water hose.
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  2. Chickenteacher
    "High hopes for low maintenance"
    Pros - high quality material, ease of installation, inclusion of all needed materials
    Cons - none known
    We chose to replace an automatic waterer with a float valve because, while it worked, the water in the dish became dirty quickly and ultimately very nasty. We ordered the middle sized unit with 4 nipples for 12 chickens + 12 to be added in future. The order from The Chicken Fountain arrived within a week and was well packaged. Upon opening, I found all the pieces as described in the instructional video on the website. We did have to purchase the pvc glue but I can understand why that would not be included. I was impressed at the quality of the material. It is sturdy and the unit, once assembled remains sturdy. I like that the middle of the unit which holds the supply of water houses the float valve in clean water inaccessible by dirt or light. This should keep the unit in working order for a very long time. I did take a moment to cover the "cover" with duct tape to block out any light that might get through the red top cap. I did not block the hole in the top, just covered the plastic cap which appeared a little translucent. We had previously run a high quality rubber hose from the house across the yard underground so installation was as simple as removing the old and hanging the new with the included braces. Nails are even taped to the braces in case you need them. Connecting the included metal fitting hose to the bottom of the unit and then that to the rubber hose takes less than a minute. The kit even includes the rubber bands used to train your chickens. These hold the nipples open so the chickens can see the water dripping. Our aging flock just followed the drip to the ground and tried drinking from there so we took them off. They took longer than the biddies we have to catch on but now 3 days later I am confident that all 12 know where to get fresh clean water. I am expecting a lot from this waterer and I do hope it proves itself.
    We also purchased a few of the 2 liter nipple caps to get a head start training our biddies who are about 4 weeks old now. They took much less time to learn and mastered it within minutes. I like that the nipples on both products are in two parts. I think if they ever did clog, it would be easy to remedy.
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  3. HighStreetCoop
    "I wish it had worked out"
    Pros - Love the design.
    Cons - Pricey and valve failed
    1) I got the small one for Christmas and I couldn't be happier with it. It was super easy to install, and now I never have to worry about my chickens running out of water, knocking it over, getting it dirty, etc. Plus, with it hanging nearly flat on the wall, it doesn't take up valuable floor space in the run. And I feel good about supporting a small business.

    2) The valve stopped working after about three weeks of use. When I emailed them about it, they said something probably got suck in it and was keeping it from shutting off and explained how to clean it out. I did what they said twice, and it is still not functioning. It just runs and overflows. They have not responded to my follow up email. They clearly don't stand behind their product at ALL. If I'd wanted a waterer that I had to check and refill, I could have spend $10, not $80. I'm extremely disappointed and very frustrated.

    3) Update: The guy from the Chicken fountain emailed me yesterday after seeing this review. He seems genuinely horrified that he missed my email telling him the problem was unresolved. He sent me a prepaid shipping label and says he'll refund my money, including shipping, when I return the unit. He also offered a replacement, but I've already bought something else and I can't return it. So I can't comment on the durability of the product, but I can at least now say he stands behind it. I really do wish this had worked, because I prefer the slim design and how little room it takes up. If I ever lose my mind and get a second coop, maybe I'll try another one.
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  1. pfields
    It won't keep the water cool. After we first put it up for an hour or so I saw one of my chickens try it out and she ran to the other water container so I pushed the pin on the fountain and found the water to be scalding hot. I wanted to cry. That's when we wrapped the water hose and that wasn't enough so we wrapped the fountain and then covered with cloth. I still put a frozen bottle of water in the top once summer gets here. I keep several frozen in the freeze so I can change them out. I also just this past week put a plastic bin filled with water in the corner of the yard and put a frozen half gallon jug in it to keep the water cool. They can drink fast from the bin than the fountain and when it's very hot they need lots of cool water. I even put a mister out under the trees in the very backyard for them.
    If my coop had a dirt floor and I could set up the fountain there and it would/might stay cool. We have a water well so I need multiple sources of water in case the well stops for some reason.
  2. SunnySideUpGUAM
    What makes it so much different from all the other nipple pvc waterers? Can it be replicated or DIYed?
  3. SunnySideUpGUAM
    What makes it so much different from all the other nipple pvc waterers? Can it be replicated or DIYed?
  4. SunnySideUpGUAM
    Thank you so much for this review. I read in an ad for this product, that it keeps water cool but I live where it's hot most of the year and wasn't sure about how it would work out. I get hot water from my hose if it's been in the sun for just a short time, so I didn't see how the fountain could fix that. I really still want to try it though.
  5. Chickenteacher
    Two weeks in, and the girls couldn't be happier. We have added zip ties to the arms to assist in keeping the unit level as the girls tend to want to roost there.... So far I've noticed a $6 reduction in water bill but that doesn't include a whole month...Girls seem well-hydrated and I am pleased!
  6. critterkeeper25
    My husband built something similar to this. He used a 5 gal bucket with a toilet flushing mechanism in it and gravity feeds the water into the pvc pipe that has nipple waterers installed into it. The only problem we had with it was that we failed to drain the system when the temps got to freezing. The pvc pipe ruptured. This system cannot be used in freezing temps. At least ours couldn't be. We now have a galvanized waterer out in the run and it sits on a home made heater consisting of a cinder block and a 40w bulb.

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