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ChickenGuard Automatic Door Opener

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Recent User Reviews

  1. nvchickenmom
    Great product! I don't have to worry about opening their door when i leave for work in the mornings! I leave for work before sun rise, I set the timer and it is so nice to not have to worry about opening it myself.
  2. mechanic57
    "Very convenient setup"
    Pros - Closes slow so it does not guillotine the chickens. Battery powered, long battery life, easy to install, easy to program, red flashing LED light indicates door closed and can be seen from far away at night to verify it closed the door.
    Cons - Wires connecting the battery case to the circuit board are thin, feel easy to break when changing batts

    Nothing tells you string length. Unwind it too far and it comes all the way out. requires disassembly entire unit to get it back on.
    Convenient. Easy to set up and program. Since my door slides up tracks that are inside a raised coop, I mounted my opener to the outside wall so I don't have to climb in the coop to change batteries. I have the string routed over a couple pulleys to keep the direction change smooth. Red LED light flashes when door is closed. It can easily be seen hundreds of feet away. Down side, nothing I saw on Amazon listed the length of the string. I let string unwind too far and it came out all the way. Its not tied to the motor inside the unit. To get it on, you have to completely disassemble the whole thing which may void warranty. I later read the string is 3 feet long and the manufacturer sells a 5 foot replacement.

    The wires that plug the battery case into the circuit board are thin as hairs and held on by small amount of solder. It seems very delicate and easy to break wires. Be careful when changing batteries. Overall, great alternative to having electrical power in coop.
  3. speedy2020
    "Decent automatic open/close door with AA..."
    Pros - Does what it should be
    Cons - Difficult to calibrate open and close door, expensive
    I purchased the Premium Chickenguard controller box only about 4 months ago. The motor can handle 2.2lbs and my aluminum door only weight .8lb, which heavy enough to close the door. I purchased this because the coop about 60 feet away from the house and it runs on the AA Nimh battery. It was expensive, but useful not to deal with open and close the coop every night. I did have trouble calibrate the door to open and close. The procedure is easy, but it tend to stop part way during the calibration process for some reason. The automatic door has been working fine after successful calibrated in the last 4 months. I also added a dual LED flasher light with battery operated 10 days ago for easy to see at night from distant when the door closed and deter predator away. It's also helpful when on vacation because I can put a wireless camera point at the coop and check through the phone. For those who on vacation or come home late, my recommendation 1) the automatic open/close door 2) automatic feeder 3) roll egg nest box 4) horizontal water system

User Comments

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  1. Abriana
    When I saw the pic at first I thought it was something to kill a chicken with, cause of the metal door and the chicken right under it. Oops! Glad I looked twice...:D
  2. bajabirdbrain
    For comparison we have a Brinsea ChickSafe and it has worked flawlessly since installation in June.
  3. chickenguardusa
    The newly redesigned ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door opener has been released this month, May 2017. You can check them out on the website, and use the store locator to find locally: www.chickenguardian.com I'll try to get these images updated on BYC.
  4. Coop de Grass
    I love mine! I am going to try to add a door. The only problem I've had was when the side broke off the spool and the door stopped. Once I figure out the problem, I used Krazy glue, and it has been working like a charm! You still have to keep your eyes open, just in case.
  5. KayTee
    "...it's no burden for our neighbours to to take care of our flock. The only have to supply fresh water and food once a day. In return the get the eggs.The only problem since we have this opener is, that we have a lot of neighbours who like to babysit my chickens. "

    It's funny, but I have the same 'problem' since my chickens became easy to look after! ;)
  6. BDutch
    I bought a chickenguard because my coop with a small roofed run is rather small for 6 chickens to stay in for several hours. The run is quite safe but i fear not safe enough for predators that come in the night.
    The chicken guard makes it possible fot the chickens to enter the run in the morning after the suns comes up and iit closes automaticly at nightfall.

    The system was expensive and not easy to install. But now it works perfect and I am very happy with it.

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