Chickens (Flexi cover series)

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    Chickens (Flexi cover series)
    Derek Hall
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    The breeds are well presented visually, often as chicks, poults and adults. Which takes the mystery out of wondering what they should look like young or what they will look like when mature. The write ups are very helpful and go into often neglected details such as individual breed mannerisms and behavior traits. Though each chicken is individual in temperment, breeds are pre-disposed and this book reveals that expertly.
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  1. Eggnog101
    "A Great Read"
    Pros - Informative, lovely pictures
    This book was a great read, and, instead of giving a long, complicated description of why I liked it, here are some bullet points.

    1) It was easy to read, the words flowed smoothly together.
    2) The pictures were great, and often showed the chick maturing into an adult. (Or an adult of the same breed)
    3) Gave informative information on the history of the chicken. (Did you know Greeks and Romans offered chickens as sacrifices to their gods?)
    4) It tells you about chicken biology
    5) It explains different breed atrributes
    6) It tells you about adequate housing
    7) It teaches you about different diseases and what to look for.

    All in all, I liked this book, and I recommend it to anyone who would enjoy learning more about chickens.
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  2. stefan333
    "Written from a British Perspective"
    Pros - Different Perspective, Great Pics
    I like that this book was written from a Brit, because it gives a different perspective on chickens. There are some minor differences from what the Americans say. It's a pretty basic book that goes a lot into history.
  3. Nike
    "Chickens (Flexi cover series)"
    Pros - Pretty pics! Good info
    Cons - Weird in some parts
    This is a good book with a lot of pictures that are really beautiful! There were a couple pictures though that were kind of disturbing, a "healthy" rooster with scaly leg mites was one of them. The information is all very basic and easy to read.

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  1. Eggnog101
    Thank you Darwin :)
  2. Nutcase
    Great review eggnog
  3. yevisk
    I'll have to check it out...

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