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Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock (Hobby Farm)

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    Hobby Farm Press
    Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock (Hobby Farm)
    Sue Weaver
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    Chickens: Tending a Small-Scale Flock for Pleasure and Profit has sold over 45,000 copies since it was published in 2005. Its popularity, as well as the popularity of other chicken-keeping books currently in the marketplace, shows that keeping chickens is a hobby that is thriving and growing. In the 2nd Edition of Chickens, Sue Weaver updates her advice on keeping chickens and adds in 50 new bonus pages of material. She addresses popular chicken breeds, keeping house chickens as pets, new ways of making a profit off of your chickens, and keeping chickens in the city. The 2nd Edition will boast a new, clean, colorful design with new photos and diagrams.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. stefan333
    "Not the same old info"
    Pros - Great info
    One of my favorites. It has a lot of new and different info that other books don't have. I like the chapter on how to sell for profit. It's very detailed and gives great ideas on how to market and where to sell.

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