Chinese Painted(Button)

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    There are many interesting colors and mutations of button quail. Surf:

    for tons more info. :D
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    Large Fowl
    Button quail were originally from China. They are also known as Chinese Painted Quail, Asian Blue Quail, Blue-breasted Quail or King Quail. Ever heard, "Cute as a button"? Guess where that comes from!
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    PICTURES BY quailladyoffortmyers from: The incubation period is 16 days, but if the temperature is off by just 1 degree, they could either slow down or speed up, neither is good. Incubate at 99.5-100.5 degrees F and 40%-50% humidity until the last 3 days. Then increase humidity to 60%. Keep the eggs point down and turn twice a day until day 14. Button quail drown easily, especially chicks, so look up good ways to prevent that. Don't keep them on wire without a place to rest. Their feet are so small they can get stuck in the holes. If alarmed, they will 'boink', essentially they forget their is a hard roof and fly straight up, potentially breaking their necks. So have a very short roof, a very high roof, or make a soft roof that can't hurt them. Just hatched button quail will push their unhatched siblings around, possibly killing the eggs. The only thing you can do is put the newly hatched eggs in an equally warm place until all have hatched.






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  1. TheNeonPanther
    "Good for somebody with experience."
    Pros - Small, Don't Eat A ton (In a good way), pretty colors and song, hatch quickly, friendly and don't peck at you
    Cons - Bored easily, flighty, hard to tame, skittish
    I would suggest these birds to someone who has had experience with some birds, not as a first pet to anyone. I am just starting to tame mine.
    Besides that, let's move on. These are the most friendly birds I have met. (Pecking-wise.) I have never been pecked by one. Not even once.

    Are nice but that does not mean you should have them as a first pet!

    Thanks for reading! This is my first review. I hope I did fairly well!
  2. Griffin Nest
    "Very Cute, Very Small"
    Pros - Pretty Colors, Cute, Very Tiny
    Cons - Not Tame, Skittish
    I've had Button Quail for 5 years and they are very cute. They don't like being held, but they are very quiet and are ground dwellers who clean up well. Very tiny, not messy.
  3. vancouver chicks
    "Painted button quail"
    Pros - steady layers don't eat much
    Cons - none
    Adorable little birds. I have a pair and plan to incubate the eggs this spring. They are very amusing and jump around but are quite quiet.
    They leap into the air when startled so make sure their cage is secure. They do not roost at night so once they are out of the cage they won't come back and are easy prey to predators.
    My male is not aggressive and are they quite affectionate towards each other and sleep together.
    I have heard that they will go after smaller quail so I will need to keep chicks separate until they are grown.
    I feed them the chicken crumble that I feed my chickens.
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  1. Hybridchucks
    Yeah I love them!! I have a little male and he is silly tame!
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  2. hellbender
    I think you did a fine job. You didn't demonize this breed like some might nor did you pill up too much praise. Your cautions were reasonable and in good spirit. Excellent Review...
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  3. Julie Birb
    Love the cuteness and the tiny-ness. Sweet little ground dwellers.
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  4. TheQuailLover
    Awwww. They sound lovely little birds! I think I might get a few soon!
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