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Brown, and White Chinese. The brown is similar to the wild Chinese swan goose.
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Large Fowl
They are often called weeder geese or guard geese as they assist with gardening chores and also can be very protective of their own flock and other wildlife on a farm or a setting. They are very graceful on water but waddle on dry land.

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Pros: very friendly, great with other animals
Cons: flighty when around something new
Love this goose will follow you around like a dog, if allowed to free range. Mine is great with chickens, ducks, horses and dogs but was raised with them.
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I just received my first geese on Wednesday. They are giant compared to my baby chicks!
As soon as I opened the box, the gander jumped out into my dad's hands, peeping with his neck stuck out as if he was trying to tell us all something very important.

It was love at first sight. I feel like carrying all 3 of them around with me wherever I go. The first time I picked them up I was surprised at how incredibly plush and soft their bodies are. They have these big, soft, cold feet that are a charcoal grey color. When they get excited, their little wings open like they're ready to give you a hug. They stand straight up on those big feet and have dome foreheads like a human child has. Whenever I speak to them, they come to my voice and "talk" back to me! I love how I can pick them up as many times a day as I want, unlike fragile baby chicks.

The gander puts his head in the air and chatters his beak- I'm not sure why- but it is adorable. He is bigger and has a wider beak than the females. He also has an awesome and friendly personality. One of the girls is quiet and gentle, the other is active and outgoing. When I put my hands in their pen to pick them up, they don't run away from me.

Baby geese have the cutest faces of any baby bird that I've ever seen. They are very smart. I can't wait to see them grow up into gorgeous adult Brown Chinese Geese!

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Pros: Protective, Intelligent, Friendly, Guardians
Cons: Loud
Wonderful, wonderful, Geese! Love that they are so protective of our home and my other livestock (protect my chickens). They even get along well with my dogs for the most part. They are super friendly with me and my family, consider me a part of the Gaggle.
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LOL, in a weeks time they will double in size, then it will appear that way for a month or so, then it seems they slow down a lot. Geese are great pets.......Pop
They are a little bigger now.. It's hillarious because they seem to be so out of proportion! They have these GIANT bodies and feet, and TINY arms and heads. When they turned a week old I put them in a kiddie pool- they had a blast! Whenever they hear us talking they start talking too. If they're having fun in the back yard and I walk outside, they walk over to me in a hurry. So funny!
I am loving them. They couldn't be any cuter!
I have 2 Chinese born in May I think there both males not sure yet, I just love them , My old male passed away at 19 1/2 years old, miss him so much I hatched these 2 out , so I m the Mom here LOL

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