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  1. Tammy N
    "Birds are awesome CHOCOLATE turkeys"
    Pros - Calm easy keepers fun to be around
    Cons - they like to fly everywhere even in neighbors yard LOL .
    i got eggs and hatched them under my hen they grew at a normal rate for me they are a medium sized bird with brains . i love the temperament of these birds my toms are very protective of their girls OH and They killed a weasel in my yard . Pen needed or they will fly up high and learn to take off I love them . Con hard to find other breeders for genetic diversity Henny and her Turkey poults.jpg


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  2. CochinLover1
    "Hardy, small breed"
    Pros - Hardy, good mothers
    Cons - Slow growers, a smaller breed, hard to find
    I really like my chocolate turkeys. Their meat has more of a game taste to it and they are a little on the flighty side. They are friendly and good mothers. I have a chocolate hen that wants to do nothing but lay on eggs. They are very good for free ranging.
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