Clear Quail Egg Carton (10 Egg) - 100/pk

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  • Excellent for selling eating eggs, as it will be low priced to induce people to try them. Dimensions: 6'' x 3 3/4'' x 1 1/2''
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  1. charliesweb3k
    "Clear Quail Egg Carton (10 Egg) - 100/pk"
    Pros - Good for Button Quails and Coturnix Quail eggs only.
    Cons - Can smash Coturnix eggs if not wraped well. Only holds 10 and not 12 and should have a tear off to sell extras eggs in 2-4-6-8 tear offs.
    I like this clear egg carton because i sell button quail eggs and I only have to wrape each egg with Toilet tissue and then tape up the carton. I also like that i can use them for Coturnix eggs also.
    I like that you can receive a nice package in the mail and see your eggs for a pretty package.
    I have used this item for a year and will continue to use it instead of paper cartons.
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  1. Lanly Hua
    I want to buy that quail egg cartons. Pls text me at+16026288671. Thanks

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