Pros: Broody, pretty, good mothers
Cons: Poor meat, adapt poorly, skittish, not social and average layers.
I'd never buy them again from a hatchery unless I seen their parents. Bantam cochins are so much better, just tiny eggs...
Pros: Beautiful, sweet, strong, resilient, quiet.
Cons: Not a good egg layer at all, slow.
I was given a partridge Cochin. I loved the beautiful ovals on her feathers. I also loved the feathers on her feet. This is how she got her name Fur Foot. She was not a cuddling type, in fact stand offish would be an accurate description. When she was 3 years old, a bird dog attacked her and left her tail exposed to the bone. Huge puncture wounds. I was fortunately able to nurse her back to good health.

She was always very alert. I really have only good things to say about her. She was and always will be one of my favorites. Very good natured, sweet birds. Since she passed away, I am pondering on getting more.

As many other reviews have said, they are not good egg layers. Maybe one a week, on a good week.
Pros: Very lovable
Cons: A bit loud
I have a white cochin named danny, who is one of the sweetest birds in my flock. I still can't get over watching her run, (it's adorable, and she looks hilarious when she does it). Very playful, and is wonderful breed. Is a little noisy though.
Pros: Clownish, good layer, LOVED the feathering on these birds.
Cons: Not the fastest moving bird.
Mine got taken by a predator at about 6 months of age, but the short while I had her I loved her.
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Pros: gorgeous; friendly; great layers (when they aren't broody); great with kids
Cons: seem to be broody whenever the wind changes; parasites seem to lurk in the plumage more than my other breeds
I love my Blue Cochins, but find they go broody ALOT and are more difficult to break than my other broody hens (Wyandotte; Olive Egger). I have eggs sitting under 2 of them due to hatch any day and I hear they are excellent mothers so am thankful for that! I would definitely recommend getting a few in your flock, but when I had 9 Cochins out of 12 birds I was spending most of my spring kicking them out of nests (not great for the egg production). That are very beautiful birds but I would also recommend checking them regularly for parasites as it can be hard to easily spot lice, etc. with all those feathers and downy feathers. They are also great with my kids, but not very welcoming to new birds to the flock. Fluffy face (far left in the photo- a cross, as you can see) is the coop "bouncer". She doesn't let anyone in the coop without her ok and it seems she gets/accepts the ok from her Cochin sisters...
Pros: fluffy, sweet, pretty
Cons: none
Sweetest chicken I have. EXCELLENT mother!
Pros: Quiet
Cons: None
I have a bantam frizzled black cochin. I got her as a laying hen. She is sweet and docile. She lays pretty well despite what I read. She has gone broody so that can be good or bad thing depending on your situation.
Pros: lovable, good egg layers, friendly, fluffy,
Cons: you will want more and will cry when the die
My cochin, Dixi was the best chicken you could ask for. As a chick, my other chickens attacked her and she slept in a roomy dog crate in my bedroom. She was the friendliest chicken around and ran up to you right when you came out of the house. She was also the most photogenic chicken you could find! A hawk got her when she died and i cried a lot when she died. I wanted to shout this out for Dixi, the most wonderful chicken ever. i lobe you and RIP
Pros: Fluffy, nice to other chickens, a awesome pet, VERY docile, a ton of personality!, beautiful, and loads more!
Cons: NO CONS!
The cochin is one of my favorite breeds! Cochins are SO FLUFFY and VERY docile! My white cochin large fowl pullet (Paisley) gets along great with the other chickens in my flock and will let you hold her and pet her! This breed works well as a pet, sweet addition to the flock, for show, and a gorgeous bird! Their feathered feet do get a little dirtier than the clean legged breeds but we have not found it to be a problem. We have also heard that they do not lay much eggs, but she lays quite well though she will get lazy in extreme weather. Paisley has a lot of personality as well! She is very, very funny, and cute constantly! She always makes us laugh! We also have a bantam rooster and he is such a sweetie! Get's along great with our other two roosters and is in no way aggressive towards humans! I would give cochins 5+ stars if possible, you will love yours!
Pros: Sweet, Shy, Loves Treats
Cons: Inquisitive but doesn't tolerate being held
Our Cochin is comical. She makes me laugh every time she runs (she doesn't fly). When she runs, it is more like a waddle, her leg feathers flying in the wind. When she bends over and it's windy, all her bits are showing, like a southern lady caught in a freak storm. Mine hasn't laid yet, but she's been practicing in the nest box so I know she will be a good mama. I highly recommend Cochin's for the entertainment aspect and sweet character they add to any flock. Very gentle birds and she has never shown any aggression to flockmates.
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Pros: cute, cuddly, friendly, non-aggressive, quiet
Cons: very small eggs (bantam)
We have a cochin bantam and she is definitely our favorite chicken. Any one of us can bend right down and pick her right up without the least bit of trouble. She will let you hold and pet her. I think she actually enjoys it. She is very tiny so easy to hold. She has so many feathers, she's super soft and round.

She does lay an egg pretty much every day, but they are not much bigger than a quail egg.

This would be the perfect chicken if you want for a pet. They have smaller eggs, smaller poops, ours doesn't hardly make any noise even. We absolutely love this little chicken.

Oh, I can't forget the feathered legs. Since she is a small round fluff ball with short little legs, she hops side to side almost as she runs and with the feathered feet, you have never seen anything so funny in your life. Cracks me up every time! If we didn't need the eggs, I'd love a whole flock of these funny little chickens.
Pros: Sweet, easy to handle, great broodies, bantams, fun personalities, good with small children, adorable because of their big fluffy legs
Cons: Little eggs, bantam, feathered legs, roosters can be mean despite their size, biggest "broody poop" I have ever seen came from one of these girls!
I love these little birds! The first Cochin we had was a little Birchen Cochin that turned out to be a Black Cochin. My little sister named her Fuzzball. She is now four years old and has gone broody once a year in the spring and this year she hatched and raised a chick.
She is a consistant layer of small cream eggs. She is very cute, with black plumage that makes her look twice her size and extra poof on her legs that makes her look funny when she walks. The second Cochin we got was a White roo named Marshmallow. He was sweet when you held him but he would fly in your face and scratch you if you came into his "territory", which happened to be my lawn. Because of that problem we gave him away. I am not garanteeing that these guys are mean, I have heard lots of good things about the roos, I am just sayin' it might happen. We moved on to get another Birchen Cochin (named Zebuzz, courtesy of my sister) and another White (Pudge). They were both pullets. Zebuzz we gave away and Pudge we kept and has been laying a few eggs a week since she was 7 months old. Pudge also got to go to State Fair in showmanship!
My favorite things about these birds are 1. Big fluffy legs, and 2. individual personalities. I would describe this breed's personality as Sassy! These birds let you know what is on their minds with silly squawks and kooky expressions. Fuzzball runs away when I try to catch her, but as soon as I do she is very sweet. When I let her go she walks away makes funny noises at me as if she is daring me to try that again. But I know it's just a game of bluff and fluff.

I would highly recommend this breed as a beginner's pet. Though they have mini eggs, they are consistant layers and good mothers. Cochins are friendly and great with little kids. These are irresistablyadorable chickens and I love them so much.

GO COCHINS, the Perfect Puffballs
Pros: Attractive, Likeable,Friendly, Energetic,and Enthusiastic!
Cons: Rowdy
Cochin's are a lot of fun. They are beautiful and are perfect for breeding. A great beginner bird!
Pros: Friendly, Docile, Fluffy, Cute, Lovable
Cons: Not very good egg layers
I love Cochins. Thats it
Pros: Very sweet, friendly, quiet, likes to cuddle
Cons: Feathered feet get nasty sometimes, gets hot easily, bottom of pecking order
I have a red cochin pullet named Pie. She is one of my sweetest birds! I would definately recommend this breed if you have children. I don't have kids, but this pullet is so gentle I wouldn't worry about any kids being around her. She will gently take feed out your hand, doesn't peck, and loves to cuddle. I don't know how broody she will be in the future as she is not old enough for that, but I really like cochins.
Pros: Friendly, Good Mothers, Beautiful.
Cons: Eggs, Feet Feathers Break when Free Ranged.
Love these birds! thinking of breeding blues and partridge.
Pros: Adorable, good layer, beautiful, friendly, protective.
Cons: NONE
LOVE my girl Henrietta the white cochin! She is the sweetest most mild mannered bird. (unless you provoke her) she is very protective over her kin. But overall just likes to lounge around and eat all day. He walk is the most adorable feather-footed chicken waddle ever! truely a sweet sweet bird <3 <3 <3 would definitely get more. I do feel bad for her when its raining and her little white feet get all muddy but I try to keep her in when its raining out.
Pros: so adorable!
Cons: mean
My cochin is my least favorite from the coop because she has been broody for majority of her life and will attack anyone who comes near her... even when she wasnt broody and was first introduced to the big coop she started fights with the hens and every night would sit at the top of the roost (where the top hen sleeps).. this was quite funny although she became a very easy target to get picked on because of all that sass. i willl not be getting a cochin again.. but will let her hatch some babies this summer hopefully that helps
Pros: Very friendly, calm, quiet, lay medium sized eggs, roosters are sweet, hens are adorable
Cons: none at the moment!

Beautiful, fluffy, sweet birds! The hens are great egg layers and lay perfect sized eggs! My rooster is calm gentle, a little shy, but over all amazing! They are really sweet with kids, too! The hens are known to go broody, but it doesn't occur too often in my case. Also, they are fluffy ( which I love) and when they "run" they look like they are hopping from one foot to another! So cute to watch! I love these birds and encourage you to give them a try!
Pros: nice, sweet to people, hardy, docile.
Cons: can be mean to other chickens if not raised with them, very fast and dont like to be held for very long.
i have 2 Cochins, a black bantam hen (Lucy) and a white standard Cochin hen ( Snowy) they are very nice but when i put my new birds with the flock Lucy was very mean to them and its been about 2 1/2 months and she is still mean to them not as much as before but she wont let them eat when she eats or perch by her at night, if one does dare to, she attacks them and pushes them of the perch. put Lucy is very nice to people, she will walk up to you and want to be held but only for a short time, and snowy is VERY fast, she will keep running and running, it take me 10 min. to catch her!! but when you pick her up she is sweet. lucy is 1 year and 4 months, snowy is 2 months 11 days.

hi! update: i sold my white cochin last fall and i am sad to say my sweet little lucy has died.... i have no idea how, she was not being her spunky self and about 3 days later she passed away.
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