Pros: Beautiful, Easy Going
Cons: Fluffy feet
I have 3 - 1 Blue, 1 Splash and 1 Gold Laced the most beautiful hens I have, I put 2 in the local Fall Fair and they were a hit.
Pros: Sweet, affectionate, calm, great mothers, fluffy, and easy to raise.
Cons: You'll end up wanting 50 cochins.
My first cochin was a plain little red girl, and she was the bomb. She raised three broods of chicks each year, and she'd come up when we called her name to get petted. Cochins make the best pet chickens, because they're so personable and sweet. They're calm around children and aren't flightly. They're just overall awesome chicks. I will be getting a couple more some day. :]
Pros: Gentle, Very Quiet,
Cons: Feathery butt can be messy sometimes.
Beautiful chickens, just love watching them with all their fluff and feathers. Very sweet and gentle.
Pros: Gorgeous breed!
I've only had one of these. I wanted a big beautiful blue roo and found a handsome cockerel on CL. He was so sweet until he hit around 8 mos. He then came at me and the kids repeatedly despite all my efforts to break him of it. He ended up going to a free range flock home. I had always been told how docile this breed was so I was disappointed to say the least. I'd like to have a couple of hens some day though. I still think they're one of the prettiest birds out there.
Pros: Docile, inquisitive, great mothers.
Cons: Not the best production, can't run fast so easy for predators to catch.
I currently have 6 purebred cochins (all bantam) and one of those is frizzled. They are the quietest and calmest of my birds (except my Dominique hen) and the funnest to be around. I love the way they waddle when they run! If you are looking for production, however, they are not the breed to pursue: I find that pullets wait until 6+ months to begin laying, lay a small-medium egg, go broody a lot, and lay very sporadically in the winter, even with lights to supplement daylight. But, if you have kids, they are the breed to have as they make the perfect pet! They also seem to eat less than many other breeds. But my experience has been that they molt longer...I have a hen who is going on 2 months since her last egg and she still looks scraggly. Also they can be hard to breed because of the massive feathering on their, err....lady parts. Still worth it to have at least a few in your flock just to watch their antics and hug them!
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Pros: Polite, quiet bird. Broody and motherly.
Cons: Feathers on feet get dirty and torn up. Not the best layers or meat birds.
I bought these standard sized birds specifically for brooding and raising chicks. I like the variety of color you get with them. One of my hens went broody after laying only two eggs. They aren’t top layers nor are they very meaty but they do have two major advantages. They brood and raise chicks well and with their temperment, feathered feet, and variety of colors, they make great pet chickens.
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Pros: Very very friendly, great brood hens, cutest breed
Cons: There aren't any!
Cochins are definately my absolute favorite breed! They are extremely friendly and make great pets, especially for kids. Mine come running when they see me, even the ones that weren't hand raised from chicks.

Theyre the cutest chicks, have lots of different color varieties and are very popular. I rarely hear anyone speak badly of them
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Pros: Sweet and very docile
Cons: broody
I have two White Cochins that are now 9 months old. They are the sweetest most affectionate calm girls I have ever had. They were great chicks growing up and are great girls now! Princess went broody at 7 months. I would not let her sit, and I could not break her! finally after 8 weeks she gave up.

They do not seem to fight back when the rest of my flock are 'hen pecking' either. There is just no agression at all in these girls.
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Pros: sweet, gentle, inquisitive, low maintenance, and too cute
Cons: none yet
I love my Mille Fleur bantam Cochins. They are sweet and inquisitive and make just about zero ruckus. They are also beautiful. No problems with them so far. Out of all my birds, these are my favorite.

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Pros: Very sweet bird, most docile, calm even as chicks. Fun to cuddle and to watch grow up. So cute!
Cochins are the sweetest, most docile birds I own. Even the rooster and as chicks, they loved to be cuddled and loved attention. Great bird and beautiful too! :D
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Pros: Fluffy balls of fun
Cons: Not the best layers..
Big beautiful birds that come in any color in the rainbow. Huge balls of fluff that childeren and adults seem drawn to. Very friendly to humans, I have never met an aggressive Cochin and I have raised them for over 20 years. There may be one out there but I haven't seen it. The only con is that they arent the best layers. Love these birds!
Pros: broody, good egg layer, friendly, mellow
Cons: escape artists
I have Cochins and Cochin mixes in my backyard flock. They lay well every day without fail and started laying early. They are talkative and love to follow people around and just talk at them. Not an aggressive bone in their body. Even my rooster who is about 11 pounds is a push over and will let the little hens and smaller rooster push him around. They do go broody and love to sit on the eggs. My only solution for that since it's below zero is to pick up the eggs twice a day and that keeps her laying rather than sitting on the eggs.

My only gripe with these birds is that they are so smart they can find a way to get out of any enclosure I put them in. Even with wire on top and an enclosed coop they will find a way to get out and free range if that's what they want to do even if I'm not ready to let them yet. I have found them in the horse pasture under the car and all over the yard. It's totally fine but if they get out before laying their eggs then they will lay them all over the place. They are easy to catch though when I go out they run right up to me so no problem there, but be ready for an Easter egg hunt lol.
Pros: cold hardy, friendly,
Cons: broody, this is only a con to some people;)
I have both LF and bantam cochins and I love them. Their fluffy feathered feet are adorable. They have done super in the harsh Montana winter and have been good layers even in the winter without added lights. My kids handle them all the time, they are friendly and gregarious. I will continue to have this breed among my stock. They also have done well free ranging.
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Pros: Great to look at
Cons: Poor egg production, poor temperament
I had my blue Cochins for well over a year.

The birds shied away from human contact, were either scared of all my other birds or aggressive, and never laid many eggs.

Some people value broodiness, but I couldn't hardly stand it and it was a CONSTANT struggle to get her off the nest. Most all of my eggs were ruined when they were broody and when I did give her fertile eggs, she got off a few days from the hatch and moved to a new box.

Cochins may be for some people, but definitely not for me. I don't plan on owning them again.
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Pros: Cold hardy, good layer of white eggs, good broody, sweet and calm disposition.
Cons: The feathered feet can collect dirt
Some of the calmest and sweetest birds I've ever had, both bantam and LF. Consistent layers that can go broody and be good mothers. Excellent foragers that can also handle confinement well. Cold hardy with all the extra feathers and small/medium sized single combs.

The foot feathers can get dirty on muddy days and dry caked up. Keep on good footing or wash as needed. As the mud dries it can cause discomfort to the bird.
Pros: Calm and beautiful
Cons: Have feathered feet which can get quite dirty
I have raised and shown Cochins since 2005 and love the breed.
The description for the breed implies that splash is a recognized variety in Cochins. Splash is not a recognized variety by either the APA and ABA. Some of the "newer" colors that were not mentioned have been recognized for over 50 years. I think the rest of the description of the breed is pretty accurate.

The recognized varieties for Cochin Bantams are: Barred, Birchen, Black, Black tailed Red,Blue, Brown Red, Buff, Buff Columbian, Columbian, Gold Laced,Lemon Blue, Mottled, Partridge, Red, Silver Laced, Silver Penciled, Whites and Frizzle.

For Large Fowl The recognized varieties are: Barred, Black, Blue, Brown, Buff, Gold Laced, Partridge, Silver Laced , White.

I did this from memory so hope I did not forget any. If the variety isn't on this list the birds are what I call projects or works in progress that may or may not become recognized by either the APA or ABA in the future.
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