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    I bought one of these not really knowing what to expect in the package. I assumed it kept the plugs waterproof... not really but I believe it will work. Step two shows putting the gasket (sorry for the poor photo of it) onto the male plug. When you plug them together then screw the two halves together it compresses the gasket thus sealing off the cord connection. A double you can't pull them apart. I'll buy them again when I need to insure my cord does not short out from water or can't be pulled apart.

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  1. Pater est Pullis
    "They do work!"
    Pros - Locks cords together, no chance of accidental disconnection, water resistant.
    Cons - Production quality looks low, service life could be reduced if used on multiple cords/times.
    I've seen better, more expensive waterproof connectors, but these budget connectors do work. They're not water proof, but resistant, cannot be submerged. I purchased a three pack, to use in my coop, to connect heated waterers during the winter. Plug seal works as advertised, but I didn't trust it to keep its water repellency over the long term, so I sealed plugs with electrical tape. Meets my requirements for coop/run use.
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  1. Gargoyle
    Works well, but the gasket doesn't make it water tight. I seal them with electrical tape.

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