Cotton Patch

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    Females come in Solid (grey) and Saddleback; while males are white.
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    Large Fowl
    Cotton Patch geese developed as a 'landrace' breed of the American South, used for garden and field weeding. Their name was derived from their use as weed-eaters in cotton fields. Following the development of comercial herbicides in the 1950's, the breed declined in numbers. Dr Tom Walker collected and preserved the breed, which is now listed in the ALBC as 'Critical'. More information here: ;
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    Sex-linked animals - females are grey & white, males are white. (Actually, both genders tend to have some white or grey, regardless of the primary color.) Bills are pink/rose rather than the orange of Pilgrim Geese. Males have blue eyes. A smaller goose that retains the ability to fly (important for its role as a free-ranging weed-control animal.) Reportedly, they form bonded pairs, even in a flock, so a fairly even mix of males and females is recommended. Females lay up to three clutches of 5 to 10 eggs in the spring. Cotton patch geese can be found through the following sites: ; ; and Pictures via BYC member Serina81 and Aurorasprings.







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  1. kiwijean83
    "Wonderful addition to any farm"
    Pros - Gentle, friendly, non-aggressive, auto sexing, great weeders and natural parents, good size for a table bird.
    Cons - Moderate egg production (which is fine, just not as prolific as some other breeds)
    As a person who swore up and down that we would never own geese I must say that CPG's have made me a convert. I have never met such amiable, intelligent and curious birds as our Cotton Patch Geese. The most drama I have gotten is some minor hissing at breeding/hatching time (protective behavior) but never any aggression towards me or my family.

    I still don't like geese in general, but we will always have Cotton Patch geese as a staple on our farm. Wonderful wonderful birds.
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  2. Lizard King
    "Cotton Patch Geese"
    Pros - Easy, Cool, Watch-Geese, Common
    Cons - Often Aggresive
    Cotton Patch Geese Are Very Cool, When I First Saw Them I Thought They Were A Toulouse And Some Other White Breed! Now I Know They Were Cotton Patch Geese! Their Only Downside Is They Seem To Be Aggressive Because Every Time I Have Seen Them They Have Attacked Me!

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  1. kiwijean83
    I have not found aggression to be a problem at all with this breed. I am not a fan of geese in general after being attacked as a kid, but our CPGs are docile, curious and gentle, even during breeding/hatching season. I would have to agree with the assessment that they are often aggressive.

    Highly recommend this breed for anyone's farm. Wonderful geese!

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