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  • Hanging custom feeder. You design it and he'll build it! Quality build and easy to clean. Can't rust and really brightens up your coop. Timeless design minimizes feed wasting.
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  1. Chicka Doodle
    "great idea"
    Pros - i don't thick the chickens can dig the on the ground less waste
    Cons - none
  2. Scott H
    "Love it!!!!!!!!!!"
    Pros - Very attractive, light weight and a good design. Like an old time feeder made out of non rusting modern materials.
    Cons - None yet.
    Scott really worked with me to get the look my wife and I wanted. Pleasure to do business with...
    I don't know how much feed this holds but I have filled it once (2 weeks ago) and it's still over half full. We only have 3 10 week old chicks though. Not an 11 pound feeder but not a 5 pounder either...

    Here's a link to the thread that got me interested.....

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