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  • This is a soluble powder poultry vitamin-mineral supplement I highly recommend. Dawe's has been known since C.C. Dawe began a milk drying plant in the 1920's. Buttermilk was supplemented in poultry diets by many in hobby and industry. Today they make a number of beneficial supplements for poultry and other livestock. The quality of ingredients used in products such as STRESSEEZ will assist poultry with combating stress and possessing a strong immune system. I have developed a fondness for their supplements over a number of others I've tried over the years.

    More information is available here:
    http://dawesnutrition.com/spec sheets/streseez plus.pdf

    http://dawesnutrition.com/Animal Health.html
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  1. Michael Apple
    "Quality supplement"
    Pros - Affordable with a good list of ingredients
    Cons - Not easily obtained on the West Coast
    Before the World Wide Web gave me access to finding this supplement again, it was obtained from a few local feed stores. It was used by a respected elder who raised poultry back in the day. He always had shiney, healthy birds. I am glad to see Dawe's Labs are still around. They have been in the business a long time.

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  1. Trefoil
  2. Michael Apple
  3. Trefoil
    I've looked all over for this. Where can I get it?

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