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  1. Gillybean05
    Pros - Tame, loving, kind, sweet, and pretty feather patterns
    Cons - None that I can think of off the top of my head
    Dominiques. They're gorgeous. Their feather pattern is white and black, making a beautiful chicken. Don't forget the chicks, though! They have little white caps on their heads until they grow in their adult feathers, and it is adorable! Everyone should get a Dominique, for eggs and beauty.
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  2. Sdominique
    "True Heritage Breed"
    Pros - Quiet, calm, takes the cold and heat very well. Good foragers. Roosters are very attentive to their hens.
    Cons - Doesn't lay as many eggs as I'd like.
    These chickens take me back in time to my childhood on my grandparents farm. Grandma always had Dominiques in her flock. They're beautiful birds with a wonderful disposition. Love em.
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  3. Chickassan
    "I think mine's broken.:)"
    Pros - Great forager, people freindly, dependable layer.
    Cons - Can be bossy with other chickens.
    I'm the lucky owner of one dominique hen and I absolutely adore her. Personal experience as soon as I intergrated her she flogged the rooster and beat up the lead hen " dominique was still a pullet". She quickly took over lead postion amonst the hens. I had no issues at all with her as she behaved like she had known me forever the first day I got her. I've had her a year come August and she's laid a medium sized brown egg nearly every day with no issues. My little hen actively hunts squirrels and other things she probably shouldn't but that's just her. She's vocal and absolutely beautiful, even with all the quirks I'd highly recommend this breed. 20180215_162609.jpg 20180215_161456.jpg 20171003_142210.jpg 20170828_173812.jpg 20171026_141845.jpg
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    She was free
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    Aug 18, 2007
  4. Farm2ForkMom
    "Beautiful homestead breed and kid friendly"
    Pros - Kid friendly, docile nature, good forager, cold hardy, all year layer even in winter
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    February 2017
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    "Dominiques are wonderful!"
    Pros - Foragers, beautiful, rare, great egg layers, the best mothers
    Cons - Do not Carr for confinement. Hard to find.
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  6. Swiftbow
    "Friendliest, favorite chicken"
    Pros - Good laying, personable, smart, friendly, likes being petted, easy to pick up
    Cons - A little too smart sometimes (an escape artist) and a little needy when it comes to treats
    20507726_10212236802427864_146300045803829603_o.jpg Our one dominique chicken, Lady Cluck (pictured here letting the newcomers know who's boss), is the leader of our flock. She's a robust, good laying bird (about 5 a week) who's also the most people friendly (though she can be a pest about getting treats and also likes to escape the yard and forage in the driveway occasionally).

    But she likes being petted (and occasionally picked up) and adapted very well after her brood sisters passed away and we brought in new chickens. Asserting herself, but never being vicious, she's stayed as alpha chicken, even though she's one of the smaller ones and treats the new chicks well, too.

    I heartily recommend dominiques to all chicken raisers, new and old!
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  7. lutherpug
    "Love her!"
    Pros - Curious, funny, pretty eggs
    Cons - None
    I ordered my Dominique, Mabel, on a whim from MPC to round out my order. I'm so glad I picked her, she is such a fun chicken. She was the first to do everything-escape the brooder, sit on the water bottle, perch, eat treats, jump on your hand, roost, and lay eggs. She is so inquisitive and follows me around like a dog. I cannot get her to leave me alone when doing "coop chores". She has to be right with me sticking her nose into everything. She's really sweet and quite a pretty bird as well.

    I don't have room for more than 4-6 hens at the moment but as soon as I make my country escape I'll be adding more of these gals to my flock. Great layers, sweet personalities. Like puppies-into everything!
  8. Chaos18
    "Dominiques are awesome"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, Non-agressive, Extra boys make a nice table bird.
    I've had my Doms for almost a year now. I've never had any aggressive cockerels or hens. They make a great dual-purpose breed and would be an excellent addition to anybodies flock.
  9. Arztwolf
    "Similiar to Barred Rocks"
    Pros - Good layer, got along with everyone.
    Cons - Skittish, too submissive.
    I had one for a little over a year and really liked her.
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  10. blueclip
    "Exceptional chicken"
    Pros - Calm disposition, friendly and forthcoming, funny, brave, curious, great free-rangers
    Cons - Eggs run a bit small, but some are on the bigger side
    I got my doms from a breeder when they were a few days old. I currently have 5 hens and a rooster and they are about to turn a year old. These guys are such a good fit for me and what I'm looking for. I live in a colder climate and these guys thrive in it. One day this past winter it was -45 F (-54 with the wind chill) and these guys were out in their run like it was nothing. Their hardiness is astonishing. They are very calm and easy-going. Mine don't mind being picked up and held, even my rooster. They all love to eat out of my hand and immediately come flocking over if they see me sticking out my palm. Just like everyone else has said, these guys are vicious foragers. They really do make other breeds look lazy. I have a few australorps (who are decent foragers as well) and the doms outwork them in the foraging department. It's clockwork to them. They are VERY good layers. I get at least 4 eggs a day from 5 hens. The eggs are starting to get bigger although they are usually medium in size. They aren't the biggest birds around, the cocks are somewhere around 7 lb. while the hens are 5 lb. That doesn't matter to me though, these guys are such wonderful chickens and a piece of history. I'm very grateful that those handful of Dominique flock owners in the 70's got together and decided to keep these guys going, otherwise I wouldn't be as happy as I am today. Not much else I could say that hasn't been said already...Dominiques forever baby!:cool:

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