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DuMOR® Poultry Layer 16% Crumble

Average User Rating:
  • DuMOR[​IMG] Poultry Layer Crumble Feed is complete formula for all egg-producing poultry and non-laying mature birds. It is richly fortified with calcium to promote strong eggshell formation and contains all the necessary amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain healthy, productive breeders and layers.

    Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min.) 16.00%, Lysine (min.) .70%, Methionine (min.) .35%, Crude Fat (min.) 2.50%, Crude Fiber (max.) 7.00%, Calcium (Ca) (min.) 3.80%, Calcium (Ca) (max.) 4.80%, Phosphorus (P) (min.) .50%, Salt (NaCl) (min.) .25%, Salt (NaCl) (max.) .75%, Ruminant meat and bone meal free.

    Feeding Instructions:
    Provide feed free choice to birds over 18 weeks old. Always provide clean, fresh water and transition birds from one feed to the next over the course of several days.
  • 494a53d9_1629321786_dumor.jpeg

Recent User Reviews

  1. meetthebubus
    "chickens like this feed"
    I was using a different feed until i found Dumor, the chickens loved it and gobbled it up the first time i gave it to them since it was so much better for them than the other feed.

    I think their crumble is is great usually but if you get the bag at the bottom of the stack the crumble has been polverized and is harder for them to consume but otherwise great!
  2. Book Em Danno25
    "Great Food"
    Pros - Mostly Crumble... just a little dust at the bottom ( To be expected )
    Cons - None!
    My girls just love the crumble!
  3. TERRY4
    "Love this feed"
    Pros - My girls love the crumbles and it does the job! They lay way more eggs on this feed than RKO feed.
    Cons - None!
    I had our girls on this from pullet age. Later I decided to try out RKO's country road crumbles. They wouldn't hardly touch it! Plus, even when they decided they had to eat it, egg production went way down! We're back on Dumor layer crumbles. I don't feed pellets because of the simple reason that chickens don't have teeth. So why give them something hard to eat. Not healthy that way. Plus some hens won't touch pellets and go hungry. If you're worried about waste, put the feeder in another tray so it falls in it. Then they peck it there too. Ours do!!

User Comments

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  1. Family Farming
    I have been using DuMor as well for the past year. It has been a good feed for my hens but I am considering switching to my local feed store. My feed store is cheaper and closer to my home. One of the main reasons for switching is the freshness of the feed. I have no way of knowing how long the DuMor has been on the shelf and I know the feed store is always freash.
  2. artsyrobin
    Good to know, just shifted mine to this
  3. hellbender
    I don't use this product at all but it does seem very reasonably priced. I use Layena and it doesn't matter if it's crumbles or pellets because I only use the layer product as a binder for the primary moist base of my ration.

    I feed damp food year 'round and that virtually eliminates waste.
  4. Trefoil
    That's great, I love ducks. Niacin doesn't seem to affect egg production, but it will cause walking problems with the hen if its bad enough and usually first shows up when hatching their eggs, the ducklings may be born with problems walking or standing. I don't know if it affects hatchability, just viability.
  5. PetDuck
    Noted. Her eggs are healthy and thick shelled now She's a sweet heart.
  6. Trefoil
    You should also add brewers yeast or some other niacin supplement.
  7. 3riverschick
    My Light Sussex do not do well on 16% formulas. They need at least 20% like Purina Flockraiser. I just started feeding them the 22% Agway Meatbird crumbles and can't wait to see how they do on it. That said, I do like the crumbles better than the pellets.
  8. WhiteLeghorn2
    Very good review. I also feed my flock DuMOR layer crumbles. It's very good, although I'm not fond that it is 60% corn. But, for the price, it gets the job done. :)

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