Easter Eggers

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  1. Beckychick11
    Pros - Personality, egg color
    I love getting Easter eggers. When they are chicks, you never know what you're gonna get. Their coloring changes so much over the duration of feathering. I love having blue eggs in my carton. They can sometimes be the class clown in a flock! Super friendly!
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  2. tarahtt
    "Great for Backyard pets!"
    Pros - Variety of Colors both the birds because of the mixed breed and the eggs coming in blues, greens, pinks and browns. . Docile and great pets when raised from chicks.
    Cons - I need some acreage to keep up for my love of these girls!
    My Easter Eggers have given me a beautiful variety of chickens in different colors not to mention the variety of egg color that comes with them. I get blue, blue/green and pink! They are docile enough for my 4 year old daughter to pick up. If you aren't worried about your birds being purebreds, these are wonderful backyard chickens!
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  3. N Sully
    "Very sweet"
    Pros - Calm and friendly. I don’t handle my chickens a lot and they are still friendly and curious about everything I am doing.
    Cons - Can’t think of any.
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  4. judevie
    "Fun, curious breed"
    Pros - Sweet, curious, funny
    Cons - Can be aloof
    We currently have 6 easter eggers. Four of them are friendly and curious and very sweet. Two are more aloof and don't want attention. I love the different colored eggs. We have pale mint green, light blue green, pink, tan and light green eggs from the EEs.
    Update, I have 2 more EE pullets that started laying, one is a small light blue egg and the other is a large olive egg. ☺


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  5. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "Easter Eggers"
    Pros - good information for newbie
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  6. CrazyChickenLadyinGa
    "My favorite so far."
    I have 12 awesome girls. First time of me owning Easter Eggers. Lot's of colors and they are a bit vocal.
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  7. Cycomiko
    "Awesome pullets..."
    Pros - Pullet/Hen is good to all others in the flock
    Great Egg Production
    Cons - Cockerel gets meaner over time
    Cockerel rough on smaller chickens
    We had purchased week old Easter Egger "pullets" (sold as Americauna!) the mid april. They were much more skittish than our like aged White Leghorns or Isa Browns. About 3 months in it became evident that one of the pullets was a cockerel. We decided to keep it anyway.
    The Leghorns and Isa Browns were laying at 16/17 weeks, and our skittish EE pullet got bullied by the Isa Browns for 3 months until she finally laid a pink egg. It was worth it. She became calmer and friendlier overnight, ascended the pecking order right away, and lays 7 large eggs in 8 days, like clockwork 4on 1off 3on 1off. Cold Hardy and doesn't effect her productivity.
    As for the cockerel, we kept him and he mostly had been doing a great job as far as warning and protection to the flock. I also notice every egg I get is fertile. But, his first problem, as a young cockerel, ripped a leghorns crown mounting her. The leghorns hate him, and he is persistent and doesn't give up, no dance and not gentile. His last problem, at 9 months, he is getting aggressive with the family. I have a few 3 week old easter egger cockerels, 1 will be ready to replace him. Brownie.jpg
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  8. Chick N Mom 3
    "Very sweet!"
    Pros - Pretty colored eggs, friendly, great layers
    Cons - Can be noisy when wanting treats!
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    "Easter Eggers ROCK"
    I have a wide variety of breeds in my flock. The oldest are my 5 Easter Egger gals. They're hardy, handle extreme heat AND cold, lay faithfully, forage well, and are very calm. Two of them are the bosses of the entire flock, but they don't bully any of my less assertive breeds like my Polish and Cochin.
  10. Mary's Backyard Chickens
    Pros - Clucks rarely, lays good, friendly toward me and other chickens
    Cons - NONE
    I have had Easter Eggers for 3 years and by far they are awesome. I love the pattern that is in mine's fur, and they are pretty to look at. I highly recommend Easter Eggers.
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