Easter Eggers

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  1. Manedwolfy
    "I loved my cute lil pair!"
    Pros - So beautiful and unique, in looks and in egg colors
    Always laying
    Roosters are so caring to their hens and protect them amazingly!
    Quiet birds, and pretty friendly
    Mine all had pea combs and never got frostbite
    Lives for a very long time
    Cons - You have to be strict with the nest boxes, mine would always sneak away and lay somewhere else
    Like roosting in trees and on the patio
    Beards will often get messy
    My two most recent EEs was the cutest couple. My rooster Fluffy and my hen Part-Stripey (my niece named it, and even though it's weird, I find it's oddly adorable!).

    First of all, they were super pretty and fluffy. Part-stripey was a beautiful fluffy mash-up of gray and black, and Fluffy the rooster had the beautiful and majestic long tail feathers :love My hen also laid very pretty eggs, ranging from sky blue to blue-gray.
    Fluffy was friendly, quiet, and protected the flock amazingly. He clearly loved his hens a lot! He did favor Part-stripey a bit much though, and she did have some bareback. I've noticed with past EE roosters that they can get a bit possessive with a single hen. Part-stripey was a bit skittish though. They are also very healthy due to being a mix and mine lived very long.
    They didn't like roosting in the coop at all though. We got lazy at one point and just let them roost whenever, wherever (they were basically free-ranging 24/7 and never got hurt by a predator which is amazing)... and they chose the porch. SO MUCH CHICKEN POOP! :barnie
    Part-stripey also didn't lay much in the nest boxes. We once found a giant nest where she had been laying, but it was too late, and they were all rotten. Such a waste of beautiful eggs... Their beards also got kinda messy when eating but was never honestly a problem.
    Overall........ I love easter eggers!
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  2. Hholly
    Pros - Beautiful eggs, good foragers, nice temperaments, hardy.
    Cons - None.
    I love their personalities and their cute faces. Their pretty eggs are nice too. They are also quieter than some of my other chickens, for some reason. Over all they have been healthier than some of the other breeds I have kept. Nice birds!
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  3. legit chickens
    "Easter Eggers are my favorite breed!"
    Pros - -Everyone enjoys their egg color it's so good for anyone all ages!
    -They are most definitely docile towards people are kids
    -They come in all different colors, many are very unique
    -Their beards are so cute and very fluffy
    Cons - - You might not get a consistent look with each chicken if you are looking for specific colors
    -You might not get consistent egg colors you might end up with green, blue, salmon, white, and maybe even brown
    Easter Eggers' are my absolute favorite breed. There really isn't any other breed that are like them. Though they aren't quite popular in the industrial world they are fantastic hardy chickens in the backyard chicken keeping world. Their signature beards and their unique egg colors make them such a fun breed to keep. I personally love the fact that you never really know what color pallet you will be getting with them as chicks. When I have people over this is the breed of chicken that I can rely on showcasing since they are usually great with people. Highly recommend!!!
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  4. Joannmcg
    "Very Friendly"
    Pros - Friendly, unique colors
    We have 5 and they are all so friendly and sweet. They come running to the coop run door as soon as they see us and follow us around the yard. Each one looks different and they are beautiful.
  5. Coop Z-ville
    "Love These Ladies"
    Pros - Super sweet
    Get along with other breeds
    Beautiful eggs
    These are super friendly birds that get along with everyone-other chickens and people. Docile and easy to care for. I think their feathers are lovely, and each Easter Egger is unique in its looks. I love the beautiful color of their eggs (mine are blue).
  6. KCasey
    "Won’t get again"
    Pros - Completely stopped laying during molt.
    Very poor cold weather layers even with a little supplement light.
    Not friendly.
    Visually boring.
    Cons - Colorful eggs.
    I’ve had Americanas, Buff Brahmas and Orpingtons and Golden Laced Wyandottes over the years. All layed year round and through soft molt. I’ve had the Easter Eggers for 2 1/2 years and from a flock of 7 I get no eggs in late summer fall when molting and 3 eggs/week total in cold weather even with a little supplement light. They are also not much to look at - feathers are dull white, grey and tan except for one which looks similar to a golden lace.
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  7. Chick-N-Fun
    "Sweetest chickens in my flock!"
    I absolutely Love my EE! Great temperaments and pretty blue and green eggs! Every flock should have at least one!
  8. LaurEliz
    "Great Chickens"
    Pros - Friendly to humans and other birds, fun-colored eggs, variety of colors, rarely go broody.
    Cons - Nothing comes to mind.
    I absolutely love my easter egger chickens. Their beautifully colored eggs add variety to my mostly-brown eggs. These birds are friendly to all of their peers and are very friendly to humans as well. I will always have easter eggers in my flock if possible. Currently I have three easter eggers and two easter egger mixes. All are lovely! 39933149_2332195220130636_857852999354023936_n[1].jpg 40051490_2335846083098883_5066206322710544384_n[1].jpg
  9. Better Than Rubies
    "Great article!, OK breed"
    Pros - Super calm for me to carry her around
    Beautiful eggs!
    Lovely variety of feather color in this 'breed'
    Cons - Late maturing
    Skittish/a little flighty
    My EE, Hope, didn't start laying until almost exactly a year old, but it was worth the wait, as her eggs are a gorgeous sky blue/mint green.
    She doesn't like being held or petted, unfortunately--since I like friendly pets--but I didn't include that as a con because when I catch her, she is super patient and pretty still in my arms (which I can't say for the other birds after a couple of seconds, lol). And she is at the bottom of the pecking order, but I didn't include that as a con, either, because...well, it has to be someone in the flock, right?, plus it might partly be because she has a bum leg, but for the most part, she gets around alright.

    I liked this article on EEs, and I like my sweet Easter Egger, too, but overall, she's not my favorite bird (she's just my first/preferred pick to carry around the yard and I love gathering/waiting for her eggs). :D (The article gets five stars, but Hope gets an overall 4 stars).
    Below is a picture of Hope as a chick, then adult, and then of her egg.
    0306182219d (675x900).jpg IMG_1418 (900x675).jpg IMG_1261 (900x675).jpg
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  10. HappyDancin'
    "Love my EEs at all ages!"
    Pros - Colorful eggs, friendly personality, hardy, easy keepers.
    Cons - The incredibly wide variety of "mixes" to make an EE can lead to breed confusion.
    I have several Easter Eggers: baby chicks, adult hens, and one Roo...

    The babies are easily my sweetest, most attention craving little fluffies (of the variety of babies I have currently). The hens curiously follow me around 'chatting' with me. And the rooster respects my space and the hens. I love all of by EE birds, and highly recommend EEs, especially for new chicken keepers.

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