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Easter Eggers

Average User Rating:
  1. Aspen Anderson
    "Brilliant Egg Layers!"
    Pros - Great egg production, can be very sweet and friendly, super cute, even roosters can be friendly!
    Cons - Can be skittish, matures slowly, beards can fall out
    I've had 3 EEs in my lifetime. 2 I owned as a young teen and both were roosters. It could be because we kept them separate from the hens (we accidentally bought roosters), but they were both incredibly sweet. We had a turkey poult given to us - mistaken for a chick - and one of our EE cockerels at a young age was the only one to mother this poult. The other EE roo loved to be around humans. He was such a friendly little guy! I miss them both soooo much.

    I currently own one EE hen. She's not as sociable as our roosters were, but she definitely lays more eggs! :lol:
    She started laying long after we planned, but she started with a bang! Loads of greenish-blue eggs popping out right and left. They're also a really decent size! She lays almost daily, too. Every day we are greeted by a lovely, decently sized, blue-green egg in our nest.

    They're also such a beautiful "breed". They come in literally any color! And their beards can get so big. It makes them look rather funny, but very adorable! The sad thing, though, is that it is common for their beards to go mysteriously missing in the winter. Our EE hen has already lost hers, and is struggling to grow it back. Crossing my fingers and toes that it does! :fl

    Before After
    before.png after.png

    Overall, though, I would definitely recommend Easter Eggers. If socialized appropriately, they can be very loving and sweet, and their eggs are just amazing. Too fun!


    Highly recommend for those looking for either a pet and/or a good egg layer! You just need a little patience if you're looking for eggs. It is rewarding in the end.
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    April 19, 2017
  2. haileyeverhart
    "Love my EE's"
    Pros - sweet, funny, pretty feathers and eggs, and fluffy beards
    Cons - none!
    Farm stores usually sell "Ameraucanas" but really they're Easter Eggers. And I'm not complaining! Easter Eggers are a mixed breed so they come in such a variety of colors and patterns and have such sweet and funny personalities. My EE's lay mint green eggs everyday and sit on my lap for cuddles. One even wanders through my house looking for treats. They are a perfect family chicken especially for kids! Just got 2 more cause I love em so much.
  3. Chip3214
    "Amazing Breed!"
    Pros - They are so sweet, and calm.
    Cons - They don't lay in winter.
    I haven't had chickens for very long, but I love the Easter Eggers
  4. birdo101
    "LOVE my sweet easter eggers"
    Pros - Great layer
    Cons - non
    I love my sweet easter egger! After she started laying, she became very friendly and is one of the best layers in the coop. She almost lasted all winter laying! (Live in desert) Everyone needs an easter egger in there flock :)
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  5. Beckychick11
    Pros - Personality, egg color
    I love getting Easter eggers. When they are chicks, you never know what you're gonna get. Their coloring changes so much over the duration of feathering. I love having blue eggs in my carton. They can sometimes be the class clown in a flock! Super friendly!
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  6. tarahtt
    "Great for Backyard pets!"
    Pros - Variety of Colors both the birds because of the mixed breed and the eggs coming in blues, greens, pinks and browns. . Docile and great pets when raised from chicks.
    Cons - I need some acreage to keep up for my love of these girls!
    My Easter Eggers have given me a beautiful variety of chickens in different colors not to mention the variety of egg color that comes with them. I get blue, blue/green and pink! They are docile enough for my 4 year old daughter to pick up. If you aren't worried about your birds being purebreds, these are wonderful backyard chickens!
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  7. N Sully
    "Very sweet"
    Pros - Calm and friendly. I don’t handle my chickens a lot and they are still friendly and curious about everything I am doing.
    Cons - Can’t think of any.
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  8. judevie
    "Fun, curious breed"
    Pros - Sweet, curious, funny
    Cons - Can be aloof
    We currently have 6 easter eggers. Four of them are friendly and curious and very sweet. Two are more aloof and don't want attention. I love the different colored eggs. We have pale mint green, light blue green, pink, tan and light green eggs from the EEs.
    Update, I have 2 more EE pullets that started laying, one is a small light blue egg and the other is a large olive egg. ☺


    1. 20180207_100938.jpg
  9. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "Easter Eggers"
    Pros - good information for newbie
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  10. CrazyChickenLadyinGa
    "My favorite so far."
    I have 12 awesome girls. First time of me owning Easter Eggers. Lot's of colors and they are a bit vocal.
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