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EBAY- "Custom made automatic chicken waterer"

Average User Rating:
  • This is the most brilliant idea overall I've found! A 5 gallon bucket with lid, holes on sides for the chicken heads to fit through with a plumbing float inside that keeps the water fresh just below the holes. Very sturdy, especially when placed on a couple cinder blocks to raise it off the ground to keep their scratching out of it. The lid keeps them from fouling the water and it simply attaches to garden hose. Surprised these are not mass produced yet by a company! The seller's name is "donkeyfoal" on Ebay. Fantastic customer service.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. mates5
    "Amazing waterer!"
    Pros - Rugged, stays clean, dependable
    Cons - Ships from CA, but who cares!
    Hope they never stop making these. Our lives in the coop is greatly improved!
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