EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder

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    The EcoGlow brooder is a clean, safe, tough and extremely economical chick brooder with a a highly efficient low cost heating system. Designed for newly hatched (poultry) chicks to keep them snug and warm and your electricity bills low.

    An indicator light confirms the brooder is connected.

    The EcoGlow brooder top can also be used to keep your breeder or pet birds warm. For this purpose, you would place it on the side of the cage where the perches are attached so that they can nestle close to it whilst on the perch.

    2 years warranty
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Mewzikl
    "Love it!"
    Pros - Safe. Peace of Mind. Economical to use.
    Cons - The chicks jump on it and poop on it. More expensive than a heat lamp.
    I'm totally new to chickens and was really worried about setting up a heat lamp inside my house. I didn't want to risk burning my house down so I purchased the EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder for peace of mind. I've had my babies for 3 weeks now and they seem to love it and are thriving. They go under it when they need to and seem to be able to self regulate according to their needs.

    I'm very happy with it, but again, I'm totally new to this so I have never tried anything else.
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  2. Yorkshire Coop
    "Excellent brooder."
    Pros - Low electricity usage. Mimics the hen well.
    Cons - Can't see the chicks when under it.
    A wonderful brooder that replicates the hen well. Low electricity usage is a real plus point. You don't have the risk of fire as you may with lamps and bulbs. Easy to use and clean on top. The chicks soon learn to jump on top and if you don't keep it wiped down it can get messy. The only down side I can find is that you can't see the chicks when they are snuggled underneath it.

    Well worth the money I paid and I loved it so much I bought a second one.
  3. ChickenGrass
    "Buy one now!"
    Pros - Lowers with ease,sturdy,dosent make light
    Cons - It can get too hot and chicks sometimes can get burned,could not fit 20 chicks
    I have this for a few years
    It is a very good idea but it would be even better
    If you could choose the temperature.
    This could not fit 20 chicks.
    Other than this it is a good product
    And it doesn't have a light so the chicks can
    Sleep without a light shining above them

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  1. TheBantyCoop
    Lol now that I am done with keeping the chicks inside their brinsea is filthy. I don't think I will be able to remove the poop stains on it. I would recommend putting a rag on top of your brinsea if you use one!!
  2. TheBantyCoop
    No problem. Thank you for commenting!
  3. CaseyV
    I was thinking about ordering a few of the larger ones, thank you very much for the review.
  4. 4mom82
  5. ChinoChix
    What a nice gift!!! My guys are only 10 days old so not an issue yet. I normally have them sold before they get to 3 weeks! I have switched from red lamps to black ceramic bulbs too. Those red lamps make me nervous!!!
  6. dekel18042
    Turning on its side might be an idea. Looking at my chicks, I think my 3+ week old large fowl would have outgrown it already.. It was given to me as a gift. The larger would have worked better but didn't realize that at the time. Once the chicks outgrow it I just switch to the heat lamp, but probably won't have to do that with the bantams.
  7. ChinoChix
    I have been using mine for over a year now and LOVE it. I put a paper towel on the top so it's easier to clean. Once they get tall, I turn it on it's side....they can still huddle up against the warm top. I will never use red heat lamps again! I currently have 11 Bielefelder chicks and 3 silkies using it.
  8. sssharon
    I don't keep my chicks in a brooder long enough to justify buying one. I use a big tote and I do use a heat lamp and make adjustments. I must have chicks that get bored easily because mine don't seem happy when they are cooped up. No pun intended. I just put my 3 week old chicks outside and made them a chick tractor and they seem happy. I didn't realize how much work baby chicks are. It is also worth every bit of it.
  9. Shesinthebarn
    Haha, yes, they perch and fly off of it a lot! I ended up putting a mat on top to help control the poop! My bedding is pine pellets. Love these because they are very low dust and they last forever!
  10. SassysMom
    I have to agree with all of your positive statements about the Brinsea Eco 20. This is my 4th hatch using it and I've found that even when the chicks get older, they don't want their Eco 20 taken away! And, it IS so much safer than the heat lamp! If I had one "con" to say it would be, my chicks start their flying lessons flying up on the Brinsea and off...over and over. lol Pretty smart these little ones are : )

    PS: What kind of litter do you have in your brooder?

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