EcoGlow 20 Chick Brooder

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    The EcoGlow brooder is a clean, safe, tough and extremely economical chick brooder with a a highly efficient low cost heating system. Designed for newly hatched (poultry) chicks to keep them snug and warm and your electricity bills low.

    An indicator light confirms the brooder is connected.

    The EcoGlow brooder top can also be used to keep your breeder or pet birds warm. For this purpose, you would place it on the side of the cage where the perches are attached so that they can nestle close to it whilst on the perch.

    2 years warranty
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Callsp
    "Excelent Device"
    Pros - Chicks love it
    Cons - Takes up some amount of space rather than a heat lamp
    It is an amazing device for keeping the chicks warm. It does owever take up alot of space depending on the size of the brooder you have your chicks in. Im giving this a 5 because the heatlamp makes the whole brooder warm and if the chicks get to hot they can't escape the heat. When you have this product, it heats a certain amount of space so that if your chicks get to hot, than they can run out from under it. I would much rather this product over the heatlamps. This only has to be plugged in rather than wasting money on more heat bulbs. I Definatly recommend to anyone who is trying to decide between heat lamp and this.
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  2. idaholbrook
    "Ecoglow Is a Safe alternative to the light"
    Pros - Very safe. Won't catch fire. Does a great job of keeping chicks toasty and at the right temperature. Has adjustment heights for growing chicks.
    Cons - The tabs on the side to adjust the element seem a little flimsy. I am concerned they may crack and break. Says it can accomodate 20 chicks. I am not sure that is accurate. I have 14 chicks under it and that's pushing it.
    This product has been amazing! I was concerned about a light and the possibility of a fire hazard but this item works like a charm. There is no danger of fire. It hold the correct temperature. The chicks love it. They easily come and go. I haven't lost any chicks in the brooder this is my second year being the chicken tender. I highly recommend this product. It is a little pricey, considerably more than a hanging light, but I think the safety aspect outweighs the cost by leaps and bounds. You can also order directly from and usually find a better price than other online stores. 56618797_10219087969656001_7256408574430019584_n.jpg
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    approximately $70 from the website
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    March 2018 & April 2018
  3. clintbwell
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  1. sssharon
    I don't keep my chicks in a brooder long enough to justify buying one. I use a big tote and I do use a heat lamp and make adjustments. I must have chicks that get bored easily because mine don't seem happy when they are cooped up. No pun intended. I just put my 3 week old chicks outside and made them a chick tractor and they seem happy. I didn't realize how much work baby chicks are. It is also worth every bit of it.
  2. Shesinthebarn
    Haha, yes, they perch and fly off of it a lot! I ended up putting a mat on top to help control the poop! My bedding is pine pellets. Love these because they are very low dust and they last forever!
  3. SassysMom
    I have to agree with all of your positive statements about the Brinsea Eco 20. This is my 4th hatch using it and I've found that even when the chicks get older, they don't want their Eco 20 taken away! And, it IS so much safer than the heat lamp! If I had one "con" to say it would be, my chicks start their flying lessons flying up on the Brinsea and off...over and over. lol Pretty smart these little ones are : )

    PS: What kind of litter do you have in your brooder?
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  4. Trefoil
    What worried me about the eco glo is the small print about it only being able to raise the temperatures 20 degrees above ambient temp. Which mean for a newly hatched chick the "room" temp needs to be 75. I don't know if its a cover your a thing or not, but that makes it unusable for me.
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  5. SoftBoiled
    I'm a first-time hatcher, so I am going on other people's wisdom, but my understanding is that they can need some supplemental heat up to about 8 weeks if the night-time temps get too low.
  6. BigECarter
    Regarding the comment about needing a heat lamp at four weeks - do chicks need heat at 4 weeks? I was hoping they would be feathered out enough by then to not need supplemental heat. I guess some of that depends on the season/temperatures. It's looking pretty cold at nights in a lot of regions right now - not too bad here yet.
  7. plund
    That is horrible, I have 2 and did notice the one with my last hatch was hot but I never thought to check, raised it & that seemed to take care of the problem. I will make sure I check temp when I put my other into use on my next hatch. Thank you
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  8. what did I do
    I like my Eco Glow too.
  9. piglett
    thanks for the info
  10. yinepu
    the one I had bought new from Brinsea had exposed wiring.. they didn't want to do anything about it until I told them it was a fire hazard!
    The candler I got from them also had a wiring issue and would get extremely hot and started to melt the plastic housing even when turned off.. Apparently their quality control at their factories is lacking.
    Even their incubators have issues with staying at temp then suddenly overheating and not shutting back down. You may get lucky if you only purchase one or two.. but when you start closing in on 10 or 12 you can bet there will be lemons sent your way.
    I have bought a lot of their products (way too many incubators, brooders and candler) and I used to be a big fan of their stuff. But after getting so many defective products i refuse to endorse them any longer. All I can say is buy at your own risk!
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