EcoGlow 50 - the Larger Chick Brooder

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    he EcoGlow brooder is a clean, safe, tough and extremely economical chick brooder with a a highly efficient low cost heating system. Designed for newly hatched (poultry) chicks to keep them snug and warm and your electricity bills low.

    An indicator light confirms the brooder is connected.

    The EcoGlow brooder top can also be used to keep your breeder or pet birds warm. For this purpose, you would place it on the side of the cage where the perches are attached so that they can nestle close to it whilst on the perch.

    2 years warranty
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  1. Gecko2T
    "Chicks love it"
    Pros - No worries about heat lamps
    Chicks very happy under it like being under hen
    Don’t have to worry about over heating chicks
    They love to run in and out from under to get food
    Easy to adjust height as chicks grow
    Cons - Chicks like to get up on top of it if you don’t have clear dome top. It gets messy but cleans up well.
    Very easy to use:jumpy I don’t have to worry about a heat lamp falling and causing a fire. Can easily adjust as chicks grow. It was fu to peek under it and chicks were all sprawled out under it. I think it’s much more like being under a hen and they would dart back under it if scared and run in and out from under to get food
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  2. 9blessings
    "On my second batch and I really love this product!"
    Pros - Easy to use and cheap to run.
    Cons - Chicks WILL get on top and poop.
    50 chicks is really stretching it. 30 is a better number.
    Love that the chicks can run in and out from under this as needed. They definitely seem calmer and more comfortable.

    Chicks WILL get on top and poop. Cover with clear contact paper so you can still see the power indicator light.
  3. Joyryder
    "Calmer chicks"
    Pros - Safer
    Cons - Cleaning the top
    Love it. The chicks get a break from the lights at night and are much quieter. I bought this one because the legs are a screw in type and were higher rated than the smaller one. The size is over kill, I usually have 25 or less chicks. I just wish I had it sooner.

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  1. Thassa
    I've raised many chicks under both sizes. Never had a problem.
  2. FridayYet
    Has worked perfectly for me for 2 years. I love it, and the chicks get used to the day/night cycle.
  3. Joyryder
    BTW I paid $159 for it at Amazon and it's still available for that price,
  4. Deerfield Acres
    LOL! We have 8 "kids", as in children. Thought a clarification may be in order.
  5. Deerfield Acres
    We have 8 kids and only two actual reports of "blowing up". I suspect said bulbs had a little help "blowing", I didn't personally witness the phenomena myself. Perhaps a little overzealous raking of the bedding? A little water on the bulb? I don't know. Shattered and scattered, for certain. We have a homemade brooder box with the light bulbs facing horizontally instead of hanging down vertically, so a bit easier for the kids to accidently aid in "blowing up". It was truly an unpleasant experience for them both times so I'm sure it wasn't intentional. I have been unfortunate, indeed, having only been raising chickens since 2012, whereas you've been using them for decades with only so much as the "lights out"! So far, the Eco Glow hasn't succumbed to any of their abuse or mine, for which I am extremely grateful. :)

    You might suggest the EcoGlo 5000 to the company or run it by the Shark Tank people! Heaven knows with goats and chickens the extra money would be nice. LOL!

    Thank you for taking the time to clarify that bulbs blow up far more rarely than I have been lead to believe. I am not one who enjoys remaining ignorant, if I can help it.
  6. hellbender
    PS...We have greatly enlarged our dairy goat program and we have several batteries of 3-lamp set ups for kids that are born in -0 F temps. We bottle feed all kids so they need the extra warmth for a few days when they are really young (according to my daughter).

    I haven't seen anyone write about an EcoGlo 5000...for young kids...lolol might be a worthwhile project for the company to consider.
  7. hellbender
    No doubt these things are good for many folks and I may ultimately give one a try but...what caught my attention was your misfortune of having a heat lamp 'blow'. We've used them for decades and the only problem was on a couple occasions, they would 'blow out' but not blow up....that is, they simply ceased to work because someone forgot to change them out.
  8. tntchix
    Here's an update as I am brooding another set of chicks. They are almost 3 weeks old and they go in and out from under it just like the first ones did. The ONLY issue is space as I only have 6 chicks this time and I really could have used the smaller one. I still don't use anything on top, I just scrape it off when cleaning the brooder.
  9. hellbender
    I have always used heat lamps and always will. mis-used, anything can be dangerous. If your building is properly wired and you use the correct type of light reflector with a porcelain socket, it's elementary to keep the lights at the optimum distance from the chicks.
    As always, just my opinion...based upon over 50 years of experience.
  10. tntchix
    It says specifically in manual not to cover with anything, so I haven't tried the Press n seal. I just used a scraper. Easy peasy.

    No, the legs screw down a bit at a time. No squashing here.

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