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  1. Tevyes Dad
    "Eggstractor - used for duck eggs."
    Pros - Quite effective in a limited scope of duck eggs.
    Cons - Very limited scope.
    This is a pretty ingenious design and it was never made for peeling duck eggs so keep that in mind for this review. I haven't had a problem in the past peeling chicken eggs so this would only make sense to me if you regularly peeled 20 or more chicken eggs at a time. I would guess it would work quite well. The idea is that you poke a couple small holes in the air cavity at the pointy end of the egg and crack the big end of the egg. When you put it in the eggstractor and push it down, air is pushed between the egg and the membrane and it blows the egg out of the bottom of the shell. When I saw this I though it might work perfect for duck eggs since it is much more difficult to get a perfect peel on a hardboiled duck egg because the membranes are so strong and thick.

    Here are my results:

    110g Pekin Duck egg laid the same day:

    Way too large. Pushed that plunger for all I was worth several times (reseating the egg each time) Finally pushed down hard enough that the egg was physically pushed through. It did peel the egg but left quite a bit of the egg stuck to the shell (I can do that by hand).

    84g Duck egg (not sure of the breed I have several) laid the same day:

    Still too large. With a very hard push, the air pressure blew the egg though the shell, but it damaged the outside of the egg badly (would never make a good deviled egg or pretty sliced salad egg). Still not very impressive.

    74g Runner Duck egg laid the prior day (sorry she didn't lay any today):

    Popped through the Eggstractor beautifully. One day old duck eggs are still pretty hard to peel by hand (for hard boiled, I usually wait about a week and then they still take a lot of patience), so I consider this a great success and since it is over 71g, this would still be a Jumbo Egg by chicken standards. I took the finished egg and set it in the hole of the Eggstractor. It was a little bigger than the hole, but pushed through with one finger with very little pressure.

    The directions on this product say for best results to use large or X-large eggs. I have no doubt that this product would work well for eggs in that range.

    So here are my thoughts:

    For its intended purpose - 4 stars - 1 deducted because unless you peel LOTS of chicken eggs it probably isn't worth the extra item to wash.
    For very small duck eggs (like runner eggs) with a chicken egg like diameter (extra length shouldn't make a difference) - 5 stars - way easier that dealing with that tough membrane.
    For general ducks eggs - 1 star - not worth it at all.

    If they made the Eggstractor so that it could pop a goose egg and then supplied 4 or 5 inserts to adapt the hole down a medium chicken egg, this would be an awesome device. I received two of them, so I am going to try to bore one of them out to a slightly larger diameter and see what happens.

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