Elector Psp Premise Spray 8 oz

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  1. capayvalleychick
    "Kills Northern Fowl mites on chickens!"
    Pros - One application to vent area kills mites.
    Cons - Expensive
    I had a terrible infestation of Northern Fowl mites in my large flock of chickens. I tried Gordon's Permethrin 10%, sprayed on the birds with a garden sprayer, saturating them. 7 days apart and then 5 days apart. I tried bathing them. I tried Poultry Dust. I sprayed their coops & roosts, nest boxes each time. Nothing would get rid of the mites. This went on for months.

    I read an article by a vet in the UK, who recommended Spinosad for NF Mite control. I searched for spinosad and found Elector PSP. The manufacturer is Elanco. This page describes the product and how it works for mites: http://www.elanco.us/products-services/poultry/controlling-houseflies-darkling-beetles.aspx

    That link also has the new and accurate label for Elector PSP that says it can be used on chickens for mite control. All the retailers who offer this product for sale have the old label information, which describes it as only a premise spray. It is safe to use on chickens, including breeders and there is no egg or meat withdrawal time. There is also no need to wear protective gear while using and you can spray the premises (remove food & water) with the birds present. It's very safe.

    The best thing is - it WORKS GREAT!!! One spray on the vent area kills all the mites. It doesn't say that it kills the eggs, but it must, because there were no more lice after one treatment. I did also spray the roosts & nest boxes.

    The only negative is that it is expensive. The best value that I found was at Valley Vet. http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=ac577859-6e1d-4028-b018-888e771b573f
    I think that the price was worth it, because I spent so much time and money on so many other products that didn't work.

    I have read on BYC about people using other products containing spinosad ie Garden Sprays, that are less expensive. I looked at those and the amount of spinosad in those products is very small. I'm not sure that they would work the same as this, which is a concentrate with 44% spinosad.

    This product is great for killing mites and safe to use. I recommend it.
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