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    Large Fowl
    This is a very large (up to 72 inches/6 feet tall) bird, native to Australia. There was a very large boom of emu consumption in the US... birds were going for up to $800 for one. However, that bubble popped, and now they are almost considered a loss to farm, unless commercially farmed.
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    These birds can be very nice, or very evil. It depends on the upbringing. Emus will need to be handled when they are born so that they are not completely feral when they are adults. These birds can get up to 120 lbs, and run 40 mph. These are FLIGHTLESS birds, as are all ratites.






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  1. FishMtFarm
    "Emus are awesome"
    Pros - Friendly, easy keepers, compatible with other farm animals
    Cons - Like to peck everything and it hurts! They also love water and climb in the clean trough every time.
    We purchased eggs off eBay and hatched them. We handled and played with them a lot. They are almost 7 months old and love people. They play and run around a lot but also come when called. Definately going to get some more. Just have to be careful cause they can kick and hurt you badly so we always approach them from behind if we need to catch or handle them.
    CA53E35D-084A-492B-A6DC-AFD8B9C61698.jpeg 79DC66CF-6793-4D43-AFFE-2D1797E8C74C.jpeg 3B2477A9-77AE-4282-BB94-D4892B3FA36C.jpeg
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  2. Lizard King
    Pros - Crazy, Funny, Caring, Great Pets
    Cons - Sometimes Pick On Eachother
    I Love Emus And I Really Want Some!
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  3. Poultryboy15
    Pros - loving, caring and fun
    Cons - can be mean, when with chicks
    love ours we raised our from 6 hatching eggs we got for 1,000 only for hatched and now they are only 4 yrs old. we play with them every chance we get we will go up and tag one of them and run off them they will chase us and peck us them we will have to chase them ( can never catch them)
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  1. Melbeforeyou
    I would love to get some of these, however I don't have a pasture to put them in. I can see me just walking around with one of these following me haha :D
  2. Buugette
    We are moving to NC with 5.5 acres of land. I so want an emu... where does one get a baby? How are are they to hatch. I love hatching peacocks and chicks... I would love to hatch an emu and raise it from an itty bitty.
  3. Dart&Waffles
    I love emus so much!!! I'm hoping to get 2 for myself next summer! Thank you for this post (especially the pictures )
  4. Aspen Anderson
    Ok that's it. Where do I get myself an emu? :lol:
  5. Jayecookie
    There was an emu named patches I got to know, he would live with the goats, sheep, and mini cows. Sweetest guy. The one thing of interest is he likes feet. Mostly to pick the dirt or "bugs" off the bottom of your shoes. we would lift up our leg and he would sit down and lightly peck the sole of our boots. Love him so much!
  6. cicilianb97
    i think that they would be awesome to have but i personally want a rhea or two
  7. collingwood
    I wish I could have Emus!
  8. 6Esandchicks
    sounds like a fun game
  9. Gigiintheforest
    I love this!! Hope my chicks have that much fun...

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