Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse-469

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  • Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Sometimes confused with Utility Toulouse.
    Colours available:
    Grey, Buff and White (remains under development)
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Originally developed in the south of France as a large table bird and for production of pate de foie gras. Imported into the USA & UK in the late 19th Century and then developed further as an 'Exibition' type in the 20th Century. The development of the Buff colour has been well established in the USA but remains relatively rare in the UK.
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  • Breed Details:
    A stately and impressive large breed. Generally quiet and placid in nature. This is a slow to mature breed and it is often up to 3 years before their full potential is reached. Show quality birds should appear massive with loose broad feathering, deep in the body, strong head and beak, large dewlap (often double loded), large bowed keel that appears to touch the ground. Overall the bird should appear 'box' shaped. These large birds are easy to keep but prefer a quiet environment with access to shallow bathing pools. Fertility is sometimes low in some lines but it is untrue that the large Ganders are unable to mate. However they must be fit. Fertility is often higher in younger ganders before they are fully developed. Females lay approx 30 eggs starting in March and may go broody but their large size sometimes makes them clumsy with eggs and/or goslings. The eggs appear to be difficult to incubate as they fail to lose sufficent moisture to reach a weight loss target of 16%. Incubate at 37.2C and low relative humidity. Eggs usually internally pip on day 27, externally pip on day 28 and hatch on day 29. Their eggs DO NOT require lockdown conditions until External Pipping. With this breed it is worth tracking down good quality stock and paying a little extra. Goslings appear to be no more difficult to rear than other breeds.







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  1. ziggy67
    "Awesome Geese!!!"
    I have some of these Toulouse winged buddies as yard pets and they are so laid back unless your not supposed to be in there yard, then they might give you a little flack. It's amazing how many people are terrified of geese getting ahold of them. my geese don't understand they come over looking for hand outs. But, They definitely will let some body know that company has arrived.
    I was wondering if you, or someone reading this, has any home remedies for a goose with arthritis in one leg hip socket.
    right now I'm giving one aspirin a day, but I don't know what the long term effect is on that,(Probably not good).
    You have a beautiful little set of them there. They look like the three amigos standing at the showdown.
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  2. duckyhomie12
    "they are so big and cool"
    Pros - duckyhomie12
    Cons - superduckling12
    [​IMG]they are SO cool i want one so bad!!!!!!
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  1. bettyann53
    I raise the dewlaps and just love them. Them are so big they seem to keep predators away from my other birds. I hatched out 12 this year, but I live in an area where nobody seems to know what they are.
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    1. Rondack
      Do you have any hatching eggs?
      Rondack, Apr 27, 2018
  2. hellbender
    I think all geese and some ducks are absolutely beautiful but...they are the messiest creatures on earth! When I was a kid, my mom took fancy to a batch of Muscovy ducks and I loved them too but my dad nearly left home several times 'til they finally all died off.

    Looking back, I think they 'departed' in a somewhat orderly fashion...about 2 per month...Anyhow, beautiful but pigs make less mess...
  3. Trefoil
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