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    Large Fowl
    Used throughout the ages to fool people.
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    Great for people who have a sense of humor, adults weigh 0.15 pounds. They can be found on eBay. Very low maintenance, quiet, non-poopers, no mess, very affectionate.







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  1. MillersFarm
    "Amazing Breed! Must Have!"
    Pros - Quiet, Never makes messes, Calm, Very friendly, Predators seem not to take interest
    Cons - They don't lay eggs...
    I Currently have a one year old female fake duck and plan on getting more.
    My only fake duck name Ms. Nome is a indoors duck, When we first got her and tried to introduce her to our pekin and khakis they wouldnt get along. So we moved her indoors and ever since shes become part of our family. Shes very quiet so our dogs dont mind... Never seems to desiccate so we dont have to but diapers on her. She loves to snuggle and be petted. Here she is enjoying a movie on the couch with us!
  2. Fluffers
    "A great breed"
    Pros - awesome personality, doesn't need much food
    Cons - what
    I LOVE this breed! They are so cute, and friendly to all. I have wanted this for a long time, but can't find any hatcheries near me.
  3. CayugaLover
    "why yes, i do own a fake duck!"
    Pros - never bites, won't run away, doesn't poo, will let you pick them up, doesn't eat food or drink water, doesn't need a bathing pool, very quiet.
    Cons - doesn't lay any eggs.
    he's a fake mallard, and i named him teal.[​IMG] very nice bird! kind of boring, though.and i never have to worry about him getting attacked by a fox!
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  1. AnimalGeek23
    I thought they were actually a duck breed.
    :( Oh well. :lau
  2. LittlePeck
    I saw a flock of these on a lake, but of Mallard coloring. No molting, noise, mess, or swimming pools. Predators, especially foxes, show no interest in them. I put a Peking duck and this breed next to each other at the edge of the woods. Within minutes, the other duck was gone. This one didn't even have it's feathers ruffled.

    The cons are they taste terrible!
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  3. vachick15
    It took me a minute to realize this was not a real breed, XD!
  4. hooktontravel
    so i'm wondering if the cleanup is easier too? my ducks eat a fair amount (though less than the chickens) but what really is challanging is the wet, sloppy poo that they squirt out with no concern for what is getting slimed up. Do Fakes keep their sphincters under better control than other ducks? I might consider moving ot this breed! Also, the early morning loud qucking... how noisy are they?
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  5. orrpeople
    Definitely can't buy the hatching eggs...yet!!
  6. Fluffers
    hmm, do you think i could buy some chicks from the local hatchery?
  7. mystry
    Is this a heirloom breed? I would really be interested in purchasing it once I have my inheritance from that king in Africa. :p
  8. PeckPeckChick
    Haha this had me laughing
  9. chickenboy100
    hahahahahahaha, I like this :D
  10. Nutcase
    Maybe he doesn't lay any eggs because he's a drake?

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