Fall Harvest Products Circulated Air Incubator - #FHP-CA115

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  • If you are looking for a quality air incubator at a great price, Fall Harvest Products has exactly what you are looking for! This new table-top incubator is perfect for the poultry hobbyists on a budget.

    It features a built-in air circulating fan and reliable solid state temperature control. The insulating polystyrene foam housing helps maintain a constant temperature of 99.5°F., to ensure a better hatch percentage. This incubator also includes an Incubator Liner that is made from durable polyethylene (milk jug) plastic; this tray fits into the base (bottom) of your incubator. The liner protects your incubator and makes clean up simple and easy. The new single water trough design makes adding water simple.

    Air circulation is vital for a good hatch! The fan circulates warm air evenly throughout the incubator which increases your potential hatch rate compared with still air incubators. The Circulated Air Incubator also features two large 5" x 10" viewing windows making this incubator ideal for classrooms and home-schoolers and includes an easy to read thermometer and a plastic liner to protect your incubator and make clean up easy.
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  1. bird sitter
    This is my reserve incubator until my Brinsea gets here!
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