Fall Harvest Products Incredible Poultry Door

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  1. WillemV
    "Unreliable - usually at the worst possible moments"
    Pros - When it works, it automatically opens and closes the coop door.
    Can use a light sensor.
    Cons - Reacts to perceived blockages by leaving the door open.
    Our reason for getting this unit was the peace of mind it would provide us when leaving for a period of time.

    The coop door is designed to open back up when it hits a chicken. In reality, when it hits *literally* a single pine shaving, it opens back up and...

    1. Stays open
    2. Sounds a high pitch beeping alarm
    3. Flashes a bright green LED light

    All until you manually reset the system! This is a design flaw. Your coop is left with an open door and noise and light to attract predators. This would happen several times a week.

    We used this thing for a year because until very recently we couldn't find a proper replacement. Meanwhile, the manufacturer has discontinued this model. We now own a Coop Tender automatic door, which can be controlled over the internet (no extra cost) and sends updates via text message and email. If for some reason the door has stayed closed or open, you can manually close or open it and reset the system via your iPhone -- from anywhere in the world!
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  2. jrainey
    "Incredible Poultry Door Parts replacement"
    Pros - Installs fairlyeasy
    Cons - No wear parts available
    My door is 17 months old, in June the drive mechanism started making noise, turns out the screw drive is wearing out but manufacture does not sell replacement parts, a simple fix if I could get the parts, in stead they want to sell me another door .
  3. FarmerBrian72
    "Best Poultry Door I have ever used!"
    Pros - Easy to Install, No String or Cable that can jam or Break, Doesn't Require a Heavy Door Because of Screw Drive Design
    Cons - A Bit more expensive than some out there but TOTALLY worth it! You get what you pay for!
    I had another door once that used a string and it jammed all the time. I had to keep re-spooling it and it was more time consuming than just letting the chickens out myself in the morning. So I looked around for a bit and came across the incredible poultry door. This door was the answer to my prayers! It has a screw-drive which means the door goes up and down on a screw like a garage door. That means no strings or cables to get tangled! It works on a light sensor and sets up real easy. I had installed it in 15 minutes. It runs on regular power (outlet). But I was able to hook it up to a battery with a little help from the manufacturer ... they were great. They care about their product and took care of every question I had. I have had this door for a good while now with no problems at all. I can finally go away for the weekend and not worry!

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