Fall Harvest Products Steel Fowl Catcher

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  • This brand new fowl catcher by Fall Harvest Products[​IMG] is 49" long, made from a single piece of heavy gauge steel wire. The wire is then twisted forming a comfortable handle and hanging hook. This handle will not break in cold weather! It's solid construction makes it virtually unbreakable. This fowl catcher is both strong and lightweight. Features a powder coat red finish.
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  1. FarmerBrian72
    "Great Catcher"
    Pros - 100% Made of Steel, Has a Hanging Loop
    Cons - None!
    I had another type of catcher but the handle was plastic and it broke on me after some time. One of my kids got me this catcher. It is made of one solid piece of steel. They wound one end into the handle. This catcher won't break! It works real well. I like the loop at the handle it makes it easy to hang up on a nail when I am not using it.
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  1. Eggs in a Jar
    Being new to trying to catch those sneaky girls - I generally wait until roost time. Sometimes I may need to catch one at other times. Are these safe or how easy would it be to injure a leg? Maybe I will look for a Youtube vid and see how it is done.
    Looks like a good product at a great price!
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