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    Hatch poultry eggs with “Incredible” precision.

    Industrial rated incubator thermostat maintains 99.5°F. perfectly. 115 volt, 500 Watt heater capacity, will incubate from 1 to 1,000's of eggs at one setting. Holds temperature with laboratory precision insuring the highest hatch rate. Intelligent circuitry, powder coated steel case and large digital LED readout makes this incubator thermostat the best thermostat you can buy.

    With The Incredible Incubator Thermostat you can build your own incubator from scratch or retrofit this thermostat in any existing incubator, from table top size to walk-in size incubators.

    The Incredible Incubator Thermostat will hold incubator temperatures at close tolerances at precise target temperature settings, insuring a better hatch rate over the ‘not-so-close’ tolerance snap-action or inferior solid state switches currently on the market. Our unique solid state circuitry design modulates the temperature by cycling the heater as the internal temperature approaches the target set point. In addition, the intelligent circuitry analyzes the history of cycling and re-calibrates the cycling time of the heater in order to precisely hold the target temperature. This intelligent circuitry delivers the most precise incubator holding temperatures on the market insuring a better hatch.

    Features of the “The Incredible Incubator Thermostat[​IMG] “:

    •Ideal Incubator temperature range of 96°F – 102°F. (35.5°C. – 39°C.). Preset at 99.5° F. (37.5°C.).
    •Powers up to a 500 watt heater, so you can incubate eggs in small and very large incubators holding from one egg up to thousands of eggs at one time.
    •Target temperature setting defaults to 99.5° F. (37.5 ° C.) on initial power-up and after a power outage, preventing loss of hatch.
    •Precision circuitry within the thermostat cycles the heater as it approaches target temperature to hold precise target temperature setting. (If you use infrared lights as your incubator heat source, electronic smooth switching within our circuitry prevents excessive thermal shock to lamp filaments when lamps cycle on and off. Lamps last longer.)
    •Super bright LED temperature readout display is visible from across the room in darkness and in bright ambient light.
    •Industrial quality and laboratory precision.
    •Hyper-sensitive thermistor style temperature sensor.
    •Celsius / Fahrenheit slide switch to allow choice of display reading.
    •“Bulletproof” heavy steel case with powder coat paint finish.
    •Easy mounting tabs. Very easy to install.

    Technical Specifications:

    •Operating voltage - 115 volt, 50/60 Hz. – 5’ grounded cord with molded plug end.
    •500 Watt, 115 Volt maximum heater size . 4 amp fuse holder and fuses provided to protect circuit board from short circuit and overload.
    •6-foot grounded heater lead wire.
    •Target temperature range of 96°F – 102°F. (35.5°C. – 39°C.)
    •Target temperature defaults to 99.5° F. (37.5 ° C.) upon start-up and after power failure.
    •5-Digit LED Display.
    •Celsius/Fahrenheit switchable display.
    •Thermistor temperature sensor – 6’ lead length.

    Making this the best incubator thermostat you can buy!
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  1. John-1948
    "FIVE STARS !! very, very accurate to 99.5* F."
    Pros - wow ... just as the company states .... very easy to install - very dependable
    Cons - BLINK - BLINK - BLINK - BLINK every second
    If you use a light bulb to heat your box, and you can see the light .....
    this think BLINKS every friggin second !!!
    Have ordered a 200 watt strip heating element ....
    I have three thermometers in the box and this thing is right on the money
    all day long - - - 99.5*F.
    Plus - a blinking light bulb can not last long with the constant 60 on/off cycles EVERY MINUTE !!!!

    SO.... all in all ... VERY GOOD buy for the money !!! $90.00 plus shipping on E-Bay.
    Strongly recommend the strip heating element

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