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Fancifowl Poultry Leg Band & Charms - 12 Pack

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  1. Away2me
    "My kids love these!"
    Pros - Easy to put on and take off. Super cute designs. Can ID which hen it is from far away.
    Cons - I don't have enough chickens!
    Love these chicken leg band charms. Super easy to put on. My kids banded all the hens by themselves. In fact, they keep switching out charms on different birds. I can tell which hen is picking the other one despite all the hens being the same breed/color. These band charms are really cute and practical!

User Comments

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  1. Away2me
    They are awesome! So much fun and practical too! I can spot which hen is which when they are having a squabble or acting "off".
  2. sunflowerbee
    I need some leg bands for my leghorn hens

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