Farm Innovators "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain - 3 Gal. Model HPF-100, 100-Watt

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    This 3 gallon poultry fountain is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary and prevents water from freezing down to 0°F. Ideal for year round use. One year limited warranty.
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  1. fldiver97
    "Would not buy again"
    Pros - Easy to clean, keeps water from freezing
    Cons - Cumbersome to plug in, prefer having a cord. Problems with turning over after filling-tends to come apart. Handle not sturdy enough to carry filled waterer. Would like a wider rim for water so it’s easier for chickens to drink
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  2. FreedomFarmNY
    "Not worth the money"
    Pros - Water never froze if the GFI didn't trip.
    Cons - Constantly came apart on me, and that bottom fill.
    I bought 2 at the beginning of the winter and they constantly came apart on me. And getting soaked outside in freezing temperatures SUCKS!! It also would've been much better to put the fill hole on top, rather than the bottom.
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    November 2017
  3. 1ADAM12
    "I like it!"
    Pros - Never ever had the water freeze and it’s been a very cold winter so far! Coldest we have had was -15F the other night and water was fine!
    Cons - Every so often the base falls off when carrying it to the coop.
    Overall very happy with this item. It keeps the water from freezing. Only complaint is the plastic handle so you cannot hang it and if you don’t latch the base just right you spill water. Also you need to make sure the waterer is level in your coop or it will leak water all over!
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    October 2017

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  1. mbailey78
    It’s fine as long as you make sure the bottom is on correctly before turning it over. I also changed the plastic handle to a metal one for carrying purposes. Also, gotta be careful not to twist the cord bc it does wear out. Just bought my second one this season.
  2. breege
    We bought 2 summer of 2016. It's a good thing chickens don't get offended by swearing! They constantly fell apart, usually as they were being placed in the coop, which entailed cleaning everything out in sub-zero temperatures. The final straw was when they decided to quit one after the other. On the bright side, I found a universal deicer that works well with both metal and plastic waterers, with a much longer cord. this is what I replaced them with:
  3. TLCMidMichigan
    I don't have the plastic, but the 5 gallon metal. I put between 3-4 gallons in it.
    With a metal heater under it, the water has to be replaced every 2-3 days.
    Dumped and rinsed out. Plus its low and the water is too warm for the birds.
    So in goes another 3 gallons or so, and check the next day. Usually add another gallon.
    I didn't trust using the plastic.
  4. anicholas
    I bought this waterer for my first winter....the water froze up as soon as it got cold. I just assumed it was a cheap waterer. I decided to return it to the store and get another one (the same model) on the chance that mine was defective. It turns out it was. My new waterer works great at keeping the water from freezing. I do agree, however, with some of the other reviewers. It is a pain to fill and it does come apart easily when carrying it. I have to be careful, otherwise, I'm glad to have it. I have supplemented my water needs with one of the those rubber bowls too.
  5. meekasmom
    I've had mine for 5 years and it still works perfectly. I love it.
  6. rendezvous1838
    I have used this waterer for 5 Wyoming winters with zero problems.
    5 stars
  7. TLCMidMichigan
    After reading the reviews, I sent mine back. I didn't even open the box.
    Then I purchased the Little Giant 5 gallon and the heater for winter.
    Thanks for the reviews here.
  8. Giselle1996
    Thanks for this information. I was about to buy this waterer. Im looking for a heated waterer for the winter. I guess I will keep looking.
  9. N F C
    Wish I would have read these reviews before getting one of these...DOH! I used to raise chickens in FL (no need for a heated waterer there) but this will be my first WY winter with chickens and it gets cold. Guess we'll see how it holds up, there weren't many options at the farm stores here.

    Update 04-21-18
    This product worked well for me all through the WY winter, so no complaints here!
  10. slordaz
    I have enough problems with the metal one that is designed for the cold climates on top of a heated base, would not even dream of using something like that unless your biggest low temp is say like 30F

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