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Farm Innovators "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain - 3 Gal. Model HPF-100, 100-Watt

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    Farm Innovators
    Farm Innovators
    Farm Innovators "All-Seasons" Heated Plastic Poultry Fountain - 3 Gal. Model HPF-100, 100-Watt
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    This 3 gallon poultry fountain is thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary and prevents water from freezing down to 0°F. Ideal for year round use. One year limited warranty.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. FlyingNunFarm
    "So So"
    I needed a heated waterer for crazy NE Ohio winters. I liked that this had a built in thermometer so it wouldn't be on all the time, only when needed. It's been through 2 winters and has never failed. (Even though my chickens knock it over frequently.)
    It can be a pain to fill. If you fill the top part and then try to put the bottom on its hard to get it to line up properly. I always take it apart to clean it so I've gotten in the habit of putting the bottom on then using the port to fill it. The handle for carrying and hanging seems flimsy to me. (Why it's not hung and they are able to knock it over)
    I feel safer not having the metal "hot plate" style heater. Not perfect but what I prefer it over other options.
  2. abbyf
    "very poor design"
    Pros - does stop water from freezing
    Cons - bad design,
    We needed a water fountain that wouldn't freeze so for $35.99 I bought this. First off the little plug thing which it states to use to fill, hmmm tried it once after spending 5 Min's trying to get the dang thing out, then another 5 trying to put it back in not again. Then you flip it one small twist and 3 gallons of water has just gone over you. I now fill the plastic fountain and then apply the base. The problem is the locking mechanism is held on with a wing and a prayer so again as soon as you turn it over you can bet your bottom dollar you will get wet at least once. The plastic is flimsy and the handle I am waiting for it to fall off. The cord is incredibly short and unlike the dog water bowls the cord is not protected. Now I do use it in freezing weather because I have to and it does work to stop the freezing. But I cannot wait not to need it and I love cold weather.
  3. ChickenCanoe
    "Pure Junk"
    Pros - It does keep water thaw down to single digits Farenheit.
    Cons - Leaks, comes apart, seal fails.
    You have to use a level because the water port is at nearly the same height as the rim and any slight lean and all the water will leak out.
    The tabs holding the two pieces together are so short and narrow and the reservoir so thin and flimsy that it frequently comes apart when you turn it over after filling. It isn't fun filling your boots with water when it is 0F outside.
    I bought 2 of these and because they're such a pain to use, I avoid using them unless absolutely necessary. I keep them in the basement so not exposed to UV radiation. In spite of this, the one I've only used twice sprung a leak on the top so it won't hold water no matter what I do.
    It will keep water thaw in mildly freezing temperatures but not worth a fraction of the cost.
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User Comments

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  1. slordaz
    I have enough problems with the metal one that is designed for the cold climates on top of a heated base, would not even dream of using something like that unless your biggest low temp is say like 30F
  2. mairin49
    This model I am sure was designed by someone who hasn't a clue about designing a heated water heater for chickens. Seriously this is a BAD design. First time I filled the thing I got more water on me than in the device. There is no locking in to place and the first time I tried to hang it in the coop the plastic handle snapped. You have to fill it from the bottom--- why not fill from the top to save mess and aggravation? I paid 69.95 Cdn. for a piece of plastic garbage which no doubt is designed to self destruct after one winter season or earlier. Did it work? Partially, ice had formed on the top during a cold snap which is why I bought the thing in the first place. Wish the manufacturers would read this.
  3. Gone-Quackers
    Don't buy any Farm Innovators equipment. I bought their heated water bucket (different product than for above) for my ducks and it froze. Returned it to the store for another one which also froze. Was still frozen after sitting for a week until I could return it to the store. Then the bucket cracked. Luckily I had my reciepts and got a refund.
  4. birds4kids
    As others have said it comes apart too easily and needs to be VERY level. It does keep water from freezing. As with any open waterer they make a muddy mess of it fast.
    Kept as a backup, but using horizontal nipples in buckets with stock tank heaters, cost less and far happier with the result.
  5. Sydney Acres
    I have three of these, and like them. Now I do agree with evemfoster that they could be made better, and that the top doesn't stay attached to the bottom as well as it should. But like they say, "forewarned is forearmed," so after the first time it came apart on me I was just very careful with it and have never had a second incident. And they do need to be kept level, but that's a feature with most waterers. I keep mine elevated on some bricks, so once I got the bricks level there's never been a repeat issue. But being the best quality waterer or being a waterer that doesn't need to be leveled is not this product's claim to fame. I bought it to keep the water from freezing, and it does that perfectly and consistently, without causing a fire, using three of them for four years. I don't use it as my regular waterer because it's not great quality and you do have to be careful with it. But it's a lot better than hauling warm water out to the birds every 2 hours so they can have something to drink, especially on freezing cold mornings when they wake up thirsty and I wake up not wanting to walk out into the ice and snow at daybreak.
  6. evemfoster
    I bought one last year when i got my chicks. It was horrible for all the reasons you listed. It never made it to winter when it got cold the plastic broke. So i have never tried the heated base. Considering how poorly made the rest of the waterer was made i was afraid to try it.
  7. Scrambles55
    I also have this waterer. It is very difficult to fill and flip over. I have had the bottom fall out also. It does well keeping the water from freezing, but I have had frozen water on real cold days. I am going to see if I can use the base for warming a bowl of water. I do also give them warm water in a rubber bowl.
  8. banjomoon
    When you use the heated water bowls, do you just fill them or do you put some kind of other contraption in to hold more water? My worry is that the water will get really dirty and they don't have a huge capacity. I would love any suggestions!
  9. ReptileMom
    Worse design I have ever dealt with in waterers! Barely kept water liquid at base but water froze in the top half during the coldest part of the winter. Bottom comes off with almost any movement. Had more water on the coop floor and walls during the winter because bottom would come off when placing it in the coop. Handle broke off after the third time I used it to lift it. Would NEVER buy one again. Like DuckRaiser, I went to heated dog bowls for the winter after all the fiasco with this one. They are much better.
  10. DuckRaiser
    I use a heated dog bowl, also. Heated dog bowls are very handy and it holds more water, also, easy to fill.

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