Farm Innovators Baby Chick Starter Home Kit

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    This durable enclosure consists of ten plastic panels that connect easily to form a cozy environment for raising chicks. It is washable and reusable, and folds flat for easy storage. An adjustable height brooder lamp hanger is included lamp is not included. Perfect for game birds too. 36-inch diameter by 18-Inch high.
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  1. CherriesBrood
    "Its okay???"
    Pros - Keeps chicks form jumping out only when they are little
    Cons - Does not protect them from predators, can break easily, older chicks will escape from it
    Personally i wouldn't recommend this unless you are keeping it inside your house to supervise the baby chicks. I have had chicks jump out when older, it doesn't protect them at all, i mean anything that wants to get a baby chick will easily get what they wanted. This does not stand up so easily either. I don't use this product anymore, i use a protected brooder box made out of wood, but i guess its all up to the buyer to decide if they like this product or not.

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