Farm Innovators Model 4200 Pro Series Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Egg Turner

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    The Farm Innovators Pro Series Circulated Air Incubator with Auto Egg Turner easily accomodates up to 41 eggs. The included fan kit pulls in fresh air to stabilize the temperature and improve hatching. The automatic egg turner turns the eggs completely every four hours to eliminate manual handling and improve hatch rate. A built-in hygrometer measures both internal temperature and relative humidity. Solid state circuitry provides long lasting and reliable temperature setting. A red indicator light shows when the heater is operating. Two large 9-1/2-Inch by 3-1/2-Inch viewing windows allow for observation of eggs. An additional thermometer is included. The durable plastic outer shell protects the incubator and is easy to clean. This is a great incubator for hobbyists and for educational purposes. Made with recycled and insulating polystyrene foam. 120 volts; 40 watts; 0.33 amps.
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  1. brightpennies
    "A Few Problems To Be Aware Of"
    Pros - Steady temp, easy to open without killing the humidity
    Cons - Have to get creative to achieve proper humidity, useless gauges, exposed heating element
    I had an emergency -- mom abandoned eggs right before the hatch -- and had to rush out and grab the only incubator available in mid-October. I have not used the egg turner.

    Overall I'm pretty pleased with this 'bator. I had to open it several times during lockdown to add water in bowls and paper towels, since the water trays in the bottom couldn't get the humidity high enough for hatch time. This was my first hatch, and everyone says not to open the incubator during lockdown for fear of losing humidity, but I found that by lifting the corner or edge and just making quick adjustments I didn't upset things too much. Heat and humidity came back up within a minute or two, and once they were up they stayed steady. I had to make minor adjustments a few times, but I assume that is the case with any incubator.

    The gauges are worthless, as people have noted, but you can get your own cheaply and use those. I was mostly interested in having an incubator that holds humidity and temp, and this one does quite nicely once you've got everything set up. Others have noted that the temperature knob is very sensitive, but once you get it adjusted you pretty much don't have to touch it after that.

    Given that I bought a relatively cheap incubator on the fly, I'm happy with this one. However, I caution anyone hatching babies bigger than chicks: the heating element is exposed, and a tall baby like a duckling can stand up and bump into it. Two of my little ones burned their faces on the heating element. Now after they hatch, I give them a couple of hours to nap, dry, and get their bearings, and as soon as they start trying to run around I whisk them out into the brooder.

    I will be using this incubator again, and giving the egg turner a try. It has a few issues, but if you're reasonably attentive I think you can troubleshoot without too many problems. If I was going to hatch large volumes of chicks I would invest in a model without these issues.
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  2. Violetsrblu
    "Got 100% hatch with first use"
    Pros - Works well for an inexpensive styrofoam incubator, comes with forced air fan and auto egg turner, held temperature steady
    Cons - Not plug in and good to go immediately
    I was gifted with an OEGB egg from a gorgeous splash pair on display at a fair last fall. None of my Silkies were broody at the time, so I picked up this incubator from the neighborhood TSC. If I could get this egg to hatch, I didn't want the chick to be lonely, so I put 3 Silkie eggs in the bator too. I researched hatching tips and decided to do a dry hatch and fill the outer troughs with snack baggies filled with water. I ignored the built in gauges and used a digital thermometer/hygrometer with remote.

    I had to fool with adjusting the temperature knob for most of the day, but once I got it just right, it held steady for the duration. I opened it only twice for candling at 10 days and removing the turner at lockdown. The temperature quickly rebounded each time after closing. I had no problems with keeping humidity in range either. Well, to my surprise, all four of my chicks hatched out and were very healthy. Pretty good for a first timer using a cheapie bator, I think. :D
  3. KAGU143
    "You will definitely need to be a Pro to get a..."
    Pros - The turner works great and the varied sizes of water reservoirs are a good idea.
    Cons - Gauges are WAY off! Temperature is almost impossible to set & very uneven because fan is too weak. Buy new gauges, or better - a different incubator.
    I bought this incubator because the thermostat went out on my GQF cabinet incubator. I had half-incubated turkey eggs and I needed something immediately. This was all that I could find locally.
    I thought it might be comparable to my old Hovabator, or maybe that it might be even better since it has an electronic thermostat, but it's complete junk.
    I WISH it had the old-style wafer thermostat because, despite their flaws, they could at least be adjusted.
    The thermostat knob on this one is hard to turn, and the slightest hair of movement, or even a bit of pressure that causes NO visible turn will cause the temperature to change by as much as two degrees. Even after it's set it will change if I open the lid or even move it. I don't mean the normal fluctuation - I mean that it re-sets itself at a completely different level.

    I think I'll be able to use it as a backup hatcher if I watch it like a hawk, but that's about all. Too bad, because the egg turner seems to be its best feature.
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  1. Violetsrblu
    Diannastarr, there are people who have had not-so-great experiences with this bator. I don't know if they were unlucky enough to get a lemon, but many first timers like HennyPennyHenHouse and me got great results. I'm kinda lazy, so I've always used broodies for hatching and raising chicks. I don't expect to use a bator unless deemed necessary, so I am satisfied with a cheapie that does a decent job

    You may want to try out it out first with your own eggs before putting rare and expensive eggs in it. If you buy this from TSC, you can return it within 30 days if you are not satisfied. Also do a search on this bator in the BYC forum and you will find a thread dedicated to it. This is how I educated myself on the best way to use it. The gauges are not to be trusted and it even says Reference Only on the unit. If you are going to incubate a small number of eggs, it may be helpful to simulate a full bator (helps keep temperature stable) by filling the bottom's outer troughs with water wriggler toys or plastic baggies filled w/ water. Also know that if your eggs have been shipped, it is not unusual to have a zero to very low hatch rate due to rough handling by the USPS.
  2. HennyPennyHenHouse
    This was my first time incubating, I have always ordered from a hatchery. You definitely need to get 2 thermometers/hygrometers that you trust and use them inside rather than the one that comes with the unit. Not sure why everyone finds the ones on the unit are not to be trusted and why the company doesn't fix it but there is a huge difference on mine. But do you need such a large incubator? I certainly didn't but the price was right and was the only one locally that I could get. I actually got the incubator for my birthday to have the experience of the miracle of birth. My coop is full so all the chicks will be going to new homes.
    BTW, I did call the company about the air plugs and how/when to use them. They were super friendly and helpful. Customer service gets an A+.
  3. Diannastarr
    great thank you for your info, i never used a incubator ever, and in fact never ordered chicks from a hatcherie ever before this year , we had always raised our own with broody yeah i guess im old fashioned alright but I only need an incubator to use just once for some rare eggs, when no live chicks or stock is available and will only use it this one time , so you say its a good one or should i keep on looking ..?? ?any help you can give me will be much appreciated : ) thanks
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  4. HennyPennyHenHouse
    I had great luck with this incubator and my first hatch. Hatched 21 out of 24 cute Easter Eggers. I agree with the need to adjust the temperature but once you get it right, it stays there and is not a problem. Definitely use your own thermometer/hygrometer though.
  5. pdirt
    Nearly all the reviews I have read for Farm Innovators products have been poor ones like yours. FI products seem to be plagued (based upon the reviews I've read) mostly by poor construction/quality of parts but also by poor design. They tend to be cheaper (not by much) than other brands and just don't ever seem worth the money. I'm sure there are folks out there with well-working Farm Innovators products, but it doesn't seem worth the gamble to me. Thanks for your review.
  6. bobshere
  7. goodb
    I just got this incubator about 3 weeks ago anticipating hatching season. I echo the comments above. What I appreciate most is the company is close to my area in Plymouth, In. For a package deal of $129 at TSC it was a great deal. Includes a thermometer, fan, and the egg turner is included. The only concern I have is the turner motor runs quite hot. After a quick call to the company, they assured me that is normal. Other than that, I really like it. I'll know more after my hatch.
  8. Our Roost
    From reading up on most incubators, the thermometers and hygrometers seem to be innaccurate regardless of brand or cost. Both thermometers and hygrometers are very sensitive units and it doesn't take much to upset the apple cart on their operation of accuracy. Some manufacturers such as this one reccomend purchasing additional guages for just that purpose. Its a check check double check! Go figure. I personally like the cost as well as the features.

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