Farm Tuff Top Fill Poultry Fountains, 5-Gallon

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  1. 007Sean
    "5 gal Poultry waterer"
    Pros - Easy to use. Easy to fill.
    Cons - If not cleaned weekly, mosquitos will breed in the bell very fast. A little finicky at regulating the top.
    Have used this model for several years. Is a little heavy to haul when full. Very durable.
    Only draw back is it needs cleaning often to keep algae and mosquitos from breeding.
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  2. beetandsteet
    "Reliable waterer that lasts forever"
    Pros - Large water volume capacity, does not leak when properly filled, handle is easy on your hands, very durable
    Cons - Lid can be tricky to tighten
    Anyone who has raised chickens and uses water founts knows the struggle of finding a good waterer that does not leak. I've used these waterers for nearly 5 years, and they are almost completely leak-free. Once you tighten the lid correctly, the waterer's vacuum system holds the water at the proper level; you don't have to place it on precisely level ground like some bell-style waterers. 5 gallons of water is enough to last a small flock for over a week, although it can get heavy to carry. The material is tough, doesn't crack, and can put up with a lot of wear and tear--I'm still using the first one I bought 5 years ago.
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